Fetterman Rebuts Carlson’s Tattoo Insults

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor and Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman responded angrily on Sunday to Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s mockery of his tattoos earlier this month.

In other words, all those false tattoos you have are just part of a costume. Carlson painted Fetterman as weak on fighting crime during the opening monologue of his show on September 7. “Duh, it’s not real,” Carlson added.

Fetterman Rebuts Carlson's Tattoo Insults
Fetterman Rebuts Carlson’s Tattoo Insults

In an opinion piece on NBC News, Fetterman described the monologue as “unhinged” and revealed the significance of the nine tattoos on his right forearm, which correspond to the days on which people died brutally in Braddock, Pennsylvania, while Fetterman was mayor.

To someone like Carlson, “gun violence and violent crime might be a comedy,” but to residents in Braddock, “they are very real,” as Fetterman put it.

The fact that “these people, their lives, and my community will be with me forever” influenced his decision to memorialize their passing with tattoos, he said.

With Republican Sen. Pat Toomey retiring this November, Fetterman is hoping to win Pennsylvania’s Senate seat and become the state’s new senator. It’s likely to be a close contest between Fetterman and Republican nominee Mehmet Oz, with polls showing a tiny edge for Fetterman.

Fetterman wrote an opinion piece in which he discussed the victims whose tales were represented by his tattoos. These included a pizza deliveryman who was murdered in the line of duty and a toddler whose body was discovered after her father had sexually molested her.

According to Fetterman, the prevalence of gun violence in the community prompted him to seek office. He also marked his left arm with the zip code for Braddock, 15104.

I realize that most politicians wouldn’t display their loyalty to their constituents by having artwork permanently etched onto their bodies, he wrote. “But I couldn’t care less what other people thought of me. To put it simply, that rang true for me.

Beyond his tattoos, Fetterman has a unique sense of fashion. The Pennsylvania Democrat is also not above sporting casual attire for campaign appearances, such as hoodies and shorts, instead of a suit and tie.

The wardrobe choices were also a target of Carlson’s diatribe on September 7.

Carlson has stated that “by the way, only rich kids wear hoodies to political events.” “Oh, I’m a working man; that’s why I’m sporting this hoodie,'” he said. No working man in his right mind would go out to a political rally wearing a hoodie.

The story for NBC was not Fetterman’s only shot at Oz; the Fetterman campaign has been vocal in its criticism of the celebrity doctor and his New Jersey estate throughout the general election.

The only candidate in this election with experience combating violent crime, Fetterman said in his campaign literature.

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