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Fifth Lady Bird Lake Body in Six Months; Too Soon to Determine Foul Play

Fifth Lady Bird Lake Body in Six Months; Too Soon to Determine Foul Play

On Tuesday, June 27th, Austin police said that they had discovered a body in Lady Bird Lake. For the seventh time in less than six months, a body has been discovered in Lady Bird Lake. It is too soon, police believe, to determine whether or not this death was suspicious.

The five drowning victims from this year are:

February 13: Jason John, age 30
March 5: Clifton Axtell, age 40
April 1: Jonathan Honey, age 33
April 15: John Christopher Hays-Clark, age 30
June 27: Unidentified Man

Austin police sergeant Lee Knouse said, “If there was any immediate public safety concerns, we would release that information.” According to APD Sergeant Knouse, there is no connection between the occurrences.

“All these death investigations occur independently,” Knouse said. A man’s body was discovered around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday in the 1000 block of W. Cesar Chavez, next to Lamar Beach Metro Park, according to officials.

“We’re west of Lamar and we’re east of Austin High School,” Knouse remarked, providing a point of reference. Authorities arrived to discover a body floating in the river. The deceased is a man.

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There is no known identity, race, age, or homelessness status, according to the police. “Too early for me to say anything about the manner of death, homicide, suspiciousness, anything like that,” Knouse said. The APD stresses the importance of boating safety.

“Water can be inherently dangerous, so we always want to be cognizant when we are along waterways of that fact, so if we’re going to be on a boat, keep a personal floatation device on or readily accessible,” Knouse said. The reason for death is currently undetermined. It may take months for the medical examiner to deliver that data.

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