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Anime is growing today because of the wide variety of engaging and brilliantly animated shows that are available in the genre. “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” for example, have already smashed a few movie records, while the latter has undoubtedly made it a must-watch series. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but we couldn’t overlook “Fire Force,” which features a novel take on a firefighting crew and the concept of spontaneous combustion.

Atsushi Kubo, the creator of the manga “Soul Eater,” based the show on Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic who can light his feet on fire, as the protagonist. This unit of prokinetics, Special Fire Force Company 8, is tasked with rescuing individuals who have been converted into living blazes due to spontaneous combustion. Shinra joins them.

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The second season of “Fire Force” concluded in December 2020 and was one of Amazon Prime Japan’s top five most-watched anime television shows (Via Anime News Network). Season 3 of “Fire Force” has been eagerly anticipated by fans, so here is all the information we have thus far.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming third season of Fire Force here:

Fire Force Season 3 Plot

The Fire Force Anime is based on the Fire Force manga and follows the manga’s plot. A significant portion of volume 11’s storyline was covered in the first season. Another option was to carry on the story from volume 11 to volume 20. The course of the Fire Force Season is anticipated to be similar. Despite this, filler episodes are common in anime, so season 3 should be just as entertaining.

Manga has only 32 volumes, however. Thus, the anime might be finished after its third season without the need for additional filler arcs. ” Season 3 will continue the story that began in Season 2. Shinra had to complete Benimaru’s (Company 7’s Captain) training in order to unlock The Press of Death. Additionally, the reputation of Company 8 as traitors will have a negative impact on its ability to carry out its mission. Season 3 could provide a happy epilogue to the tragedy of Season 2’s ending (Hague’s death), as Shinra seeks vengeance for his lost companions.

We can’t know for sure what will happen until the third season of Fire Force is out, so nothing is set in stone just yet.


Fire Force Season 3 Story

We don’t know anything regarding the third season of the fire department at this time. As of right now, we don’t know what will happen in “Fire Force” season 3. Shinra’s third season is likely to continue the same path as the previous two, as the anime has mostly followed the manga’s direction. Season 1 covered volumes 1 through select chapters of volume 11, while Season 2 covered volumes 11 through volume 20, which was the manga’s last volume. Unless the anime series becomes bogged down in filler like “Naruto” or “Bleach,” it can adapt up to volume 20 of the manga.

Fire Force Season 3 Character
Fire Force Season 3 Character

It was implied in the Season 2 finale that the Evangelist and Company 8 were engaged in an all-out war. When Shinra’s training was stepped up to prepare him to confront some of the Company’s most deadly adversaries, it was dubbed “The Press of Death.” The death of Captain Hague in the season finale dealt a severe blow to the heroes. With his newfound power to make Adella Links, Shinra is able to see Hague’s death firsthand. As the Tokyo Empire joins forces with Company 8 to fight the Evangelist’s military strength in Season 3, this plotline is expected to continue.

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Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

An official release date or confirmation of Season 3 for “Fire Force” hasn’t been published yet. However, with the show’s popularity translating into considerable manga sales, there is reason to believe that another season of the series is in development and an announcement could be coming soon. The Official “Fire Force” Anime Twitter stated that by late April, sales of the manga had exceeded 15 million copies. The show is definitely popular enough to justify a second season, as seen by its high ticket sales.

The manga, according to Atsushi Kubo, should be finished shortly, which may postpone the development of a new anime season. As Okubo said in an interview with Monsters And Critics, the manga’s projected conclusion is somewhere around volume 30, though that could change. Furthermore, as Anime News Network reported, in the 23rd volume of the manga, Okubo claimed that the plot was in its final chapter and that “Fire Force” will be his last manga. Considering that 28 volumes of the manga have been produced thus far, there may be a lag in determining when the story will be complete. While a Season 3 release in late 2021 is conceivable, it seems more likely that an announcement will be made later in the year and that a release will occur in 2022.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer

According to current information, no official date has been set for Fire Force Season 3, Here is the Season 2 Trailer:

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