Fire From Artificial Christmas Tree Took Life Of A California Woman

A tragic home fire started by an artificial Christmas tree claimed the life of a woman in California early on Christmas morning.

Around 2 a.m. on Sunday, an electrical short from the tree caused a raging fire in the North Highlands home where Destiny Abdrazack, 22, was spending Christmas Eve with her fiancé’s family.

According to her fiancé’s father, Ernest Isom, Abdrazack shouted that there were flames, waking up the five other occupants of the home, which lacked functional smoke detectors.

Isom said of the woman who would become his future daughter-in-law, “She was the one who yelled fire, and that’s the tragic part.” “She kept us alive.” Firefighters managed to rescue Abdrazack from the burning structure, but he later passed away at a local hospital.

Isom, his wife, his son, and two other adults were the only survivors out of the five people in the house.

Isom claimed that the family had gone to bed without turning out the lights on the Christmas tree. We all happened to fall asleep and had only a few seconds to go since they intended to keep the lights on until the very last moment, he told the broadcaster. “That’s how quickly it went; it was swift. I’m referring to minutes.

The house was destroyed, and two family dogs also perished in the fire. The local news station was informed by neighbors that they woke up to a loud noise and peered out the window to see flames coming from the house.

Richard Byers remarked, “You could see the flickering light on the tree and that’s kind of like the telltale sign of a fire.”

He quickly exited his home and grabbed a fire extinguisher while another neighbor futilely attempted to put out the blaze with a garden shed. Byers reported that “the flames just came right back.” It moved too quickly and was too intense.

When they left their house three doors down, according to his wife Brandy Byers, they spotted Isom’s family outside, yelling for assistance. “They cried out, Destiny! Someone is in there! There is a person inside! According to Brandy Byers, KCRA3 “None of us could do anything,”

Abdrazack was pulled from the house’s living room by firefighters, and she was brought to a nearby hospital in critical condition. The following day, her family announced her passing and created a GoFundMe page to collect funds for her medical bills and funeral costs.

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