First Deadly Shark Attack Of 2023 Is A Great White Shark Decapitating A Mexican Diver

A great white shark is believed to have attacked a guy as he was diving for mollusks, killing him in a vicious attack that left the diver’s head severed. This is the first deadly shark attack of the year to be reported in Mexico.

On January 5, about 11:30 a.m., Manuel Lopez came across a 19-foot great white shark at a depth of around 50 feet while diving for mollusks in Mexico’s Tobari Bay in the Gulf of California, according to the website

His companions at the moment of the attack, two other fishermen, said that Lopez had been beheaded.

When the fisherman was diving, the monster attacked him, magnificently ripping off his head and biting both shoulders, according to Jose Bernal, who was speaking on behalf of the fishermen.

According to Bernal, most divers had not been in the water in the days preceding the assault, and divers in the region had previously been informed about an increased shark presence in the area.

According to reports, Lopez was using a surface-supplied air source, in which compressor pumps deliver air through hoses attached to the diver, who is also linked to the boat by ropes.

According to, a lack of seafood has raised demand, which has encouraged some divers to traverse the perilous seas despite the hazards because of financial difficulties.

In the Sea of Cortez, great white sharks are common, especially in December and January when pregnant sharks travel to the waters to feed.

While diving for scallops in the region in February of last year, a 56-year-old diver died, and another diver died there in 2018.

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