Brutal Att@ck on US Marines: Five Juveniles in Custody in California

As of Tuesday, San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan confirmed to Fox News Digital that five juvenile suspects have been arrested in connection with the assault on three U.S. Marines by a mob of juveniles on a beach in San Clemente during Memorial Day weekend.

Duncan confirmed that the individuals have been charged with felony assault with a deadly we@pon and are still in police custody. Investigators have discovered at least four additional minors who may be prosecuted with misdemeanor assault and battery, according to the mayor of San Clemente.

As Duncan put it, the inquiry into what happened on Friday night was “very efficient and effective.” Investigators are not expecting any more arrests at this time, he said, but that might change.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mike Woodroof said on Fox News’ “The Story” that anyone, regardless of age, who “kicks another human being in the head to cause damage, internal injury to that magnitude will be arrested for a felony assault deadly we@pon.”

The below tweet verifies the news:

A video shared on Nextdoor shows a guy punching one of the alleged victims in the back before a massive brawl breaks out. The wounded victim charges at his assailant. After that, the group of youths and young adults were observed kicking the victims.

Two victims were seen crouching on the ground with their heads covered while the mob kicked and punched them. Two spectators stepped in to stop the beating, with one woman standing in the middle of the two groups, arms outstretched, and yelling, “Stop!”

Marines reportedly ordered the teens to stop setting off fireworks on the beach, which is when the conflict erupted, as reported by KCAL.

The following resources were useful to me in my pursuit of additional news:

According to a news release from the sheriff’s office, officers were called to the San Clemente Pier at around 10 p.m. on Friday after reports of an assault on Marines by a large group of adolescents.

The deputies found two wounded Marines and helped treat them. The Marines turned down a hospital transport.

The sheriff’s office found out throughout their inquiry that a third Marine had been murdered in the incident. The four boys and one girl were reportedly taken into custody and placed into the Orange County Juvenile Hall.

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