Five-year-old Boy In California Seems Unfazed By A Mountain Lion Attack

After being attacked by a mountain lion, a young Californian was taken to the hospital. He is now healing and is in excellent spirits.

According to a GoFundMe page, Jack Trexler, 5, and his mother Suzie battled a mountain lion on Tuesday while out for a stroll in Half Moon Bay, California. The attack left the young child with lacerations on his face, a fracture near his eye, and scratches all over his body.

Trexler’s family claims that “his spirit is intact” in spite of the wounds.

According to the GoFundMe post, the mother and kid were out for a walk in the hills near their 12-year-old home when Jack rushed ahead of mom and probably frightened a baby mountain lion.

According to the GoFundMe page, Jack’s mother charged the large cat, causing it to flee before she could grab her kid and rush him to safety.

The attack was relayed to Trexler’s father, Jay, by his son, who exclaimed, “Dad, a mountain lion tackled me!”

After the assault, the small kid was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where he “was checked with great care, stitched up and cared to by an excellent care team.”

Currently recuperating at home, Trexler is watching to see if the swelling from his wounds subsides in order to assess whether he requires additional surgery.

Jack’s aunt Amie Wagner stated in the web post, “He is the bravest, adventurous little man I have ever encountered and I am not shocked that if there was a youngster who could wrestle a mountain lion and come out on top, it would be Jack.”

After his son heals, Jay Trexler said his family will continue hiking near their California home.

We are a family who enjoys being outside, and this experience won’t change that, according to Trexler. “Mountain lions shouldn’t be feared, but caution and awareness are necessary when in their environment, in my opinion.

Things like these can happen in a moment, despite the fact that they don’t happen frequently. Big animals that have the potential to harm you or your loved ones must be respected.”

After assisting with his recovery, “we are going to enjoy our lives to the fullest.”

Over $33,000 has been received through the GoFundMe page created to assist the Trexler family with medical costs.

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