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Five-year-old Chicago Boy Shot Days After Starting School

Five-year-old Chicago Boy Shot in Head Days After Starting School, Family Claims

Five-year-old Chicago Boy Shot in Head Days After Starting School, Family Claims

A five-year-old kid shot was shot in the head and seriously injured in Rogers Park Sunday night just days after starting his first day of school, his relatives said.

Police said the youngster was hospitalized in critical condition after being shot while sitting in a car with his mother while bidding farewell to his father, who was also wounded in the attack.

So far this year, 238 juveniles have been shot in Chicago, with 32 deceased.

The small boy, Devin McGregor, was shot in the head in the 7600-block of North Paulina Avenue in Chicago’s Rogers Park area.


His grandfather, Tervalon Sargent, said the boy’s father, who Chicago police identified as a 25-year-old man, was injured in the hand and shoulder when someone inside a black Hyundai started firing just after 6 p.m.

“They were saying goodbye. They were going home so he can get ready to go to school,” Sargent added. “They went to go meet his father when somebody pulled up and started shooting.”

The boy’s grandfather stated the five-year-old was just three days into his first year of school and instead of getting him ready for his first full week. Family are now praying and hoping doctors may save his life.

“All I want my little man to do… he needs to fight because we need him,” Sargent added.

Sargent claimed his daughter drove the father and son to St. Francis Hospital before the boy was moved to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

“My daughter really was pulling out, looked in the rearview mirror and she noticed my grandson trying to breathe or anything, and she grabbed them out the seat and put them in the front with her,” he added.

Now instead of getting him ready for school, Sargent and his daughter prayed the boy will pull through the night.

“Kids just want to go to school and play, but they can’t do either. If so, that’s just wrong. They have tried everything, but it continues happening nevertheless. Nothing stops it from happening. Now is the time for action on our part. We need to take action now. There’s no time to waste; “That’s what Sargent remarked.

It has been reported that no one is currently being held by Chicago police.

According to the latest available police data, this is the twelfth nonfatal shooting in the city in the past week.

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