Florida Attorney Missing Lawyer’s Doctor Accused of Murder

A plastic surgeon in the Tampa area has been arrested on murder charges, he is suspected of killing an attorney who has been missing from the law office representing his former coworkers for the past week.

Dr. Tomasz Kosowski was detained by Largo police on Saturday and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the disappearance of Steven Cozzi, who was last seen at his place of employment, Blanchard Legal, on Tuesday.

On Sunday, police stated they had evidence that Kosowski murdered Cozzi, despite the fact that his body had not been located. They said they discovered Cozzi’s bloody wallet, phone, and keys in the law office restroom.

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They claim to have traced Kosowski to a suspicious individual and vehicle that were spotted near the workplace. Police said they found the evidence that led to the doctor’s arrest during a search of his residence in Tarpon Springs.

Florida Attorney Missing Lawyer's Doctor Accused of Murder (1)
Florida Attorney Missing Lawyer’s Doctor Accused of Murder (1)

They gave no further details. On Sunday, “Dr. K,” 44-year-old Kosowski was still being held without bail in the Pinellas County Prison. There is no indication in his case file or at the jail that he has retained legal counsel.

Kosowski filed a case against his former employer and coworkers four years ago, and Blanchard Law is still representing them. Sunday’s email and phone request for a response from the firm’s primary partner, Jake Blanchard went unanswered.

Kosowski claims in his lawsuit that he started working for the Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery in 2016 and specialized in breast reconstruction. He claimed that the woman assigned to him by Laufer Institute to handle insurance billing lied to patients and failed to submit claims, losing him thousands of dollars and leading to unfavorable reviews of his practice being posted online.

According to the lawsuit filed by Kosowski,

“Dr. K’s promising young career has essentially been obliterated” because of the woman’s activities.  “Through no fault of his own, his career was put directly in jeopardy and his reputation has been deeply tarnished.”

In 2018, he decided to start his own practice after leaving Laufer Institute. No one at the Laufer Institute could be reached on Sunday for comment.

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