Former Nevada County Official Pleads Not Guilty In Reporter’s Death

On Wednesday, a former Nevada county official pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the fatal stabbing of a Las Vegas reporter last month.

According to the authorities, Robert Telles, the former public administrator for Clark County, is the prime suspect in the stabbing death of Jeff German, which was discovered on September 2 in the driveway of German’s home.

Former Nevada County Official Pleads Not Guilty In Reporter's Death
Former Nevada County Official Pleads Not Guilty In Reporter’s Death

Following the investigation into German’s death, Telles was detained.

On Wednesday, prosecutors informed CNN they will not seek the death penalty in the murder case against Telles. Telles has a court date set on November 2.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office and Telles’ lawyer have been contacted by CNN for comment.

The criminal complaint against Telles, 45, was filed in September in Clark County court and alleges that he “many times about the body” stabbed German. According to investigators, Telles was “lying in wait” for German, and they describe the murder as “willful, planned, and premeditated.”

Authorities claim that DNA evidence from under German’s fingernails and security footage firmly identify Telles as the killer.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, German, 69, had been writing an article on Telles the week he was murdered. He had previously informed management that Telles had fostered an unsafe working environment and engaged in inappropriate conduct with a member of staff.

Telles cast doubt on the claims.

Telles was defeated in a primary election in June and is no longer in office. This month a judge ruled in favor of Clark County’s request to have him removed from office.


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