Former Texas Cop Acquitted In 2020 Black Man’s Death

A former white police officer who had been accused of murder in the 2016 shooting death of an unarmed Black man at a gas station in Texas was found not guilty of the crime on Thursday, according to the officer’s attorney.

The defense attorney for 24-year-old Shaun Lucas, Robert L. Rogers, was relieved that the jury “was able to follow the law and put themselves in my client’s place” when deliberating whether or not to find Lucas guilty of murdering Jonathan Price on October 3, 2020 at a petrol station in Wolfe City.

Former Texas Cop Acquitted In 2020 Black Man's Death
Former Texas Cop Acquitted In 2020 Black Man’s Death

Sabrina Price, one of Price’s sisters, reportedly sobbed after hearing the decision on Thursday afternoon.

According to the station, Black juror Sabrina Price claimed, “There was not one person that looked like me.”

State records reveal that Lucas was one of only six white police officers serving in the small city northeast of Dallas at the time of the incident.

Ex-college football star Price was leaving a convenience store when someone coming in “launched a pushing match,” as family attorney Lee Merritt explained to the channel. A five-second “pushing match” ended the conflict.

Merritt stated that Price was not carrying any weapons.

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