Former Trooper Probed For Uvalde School Massacre Recruited To Safeguard City’s Kids

Within two minutes of a shooter entering Robb Elementary and beginning a massacre in May of last year, the Texas state trooper had been on the scene.

Body camera video from another law enforcement officer shows Crimson Elizondo in her Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) uniform, revolver drawn, outside the Uvalde school building and then momentarily in the corridor.

Former Trooper Probed For Uvalde School Massacre Recruited To Safeguard City's Kids
Former Trooper Probed For Uvalde School Massacre Recruited To Safeguard City’s Kids

Among the 376 law enforcement employees that rushed to the school where the shooter was left for 77 minutes with dead, dying, and traumatized victims, she was one of the first to arrive from the Department of Public Safety.
The aftermath of the assault, which claimed the lives of 19 students and 2 educators, has been widely criticized as a “abject failure.”

The school’s police chief was terminated, and seven DPS officers are being questioned about their involvement.

Elizondo’s status as one of those cops has been revealed by CNN in an exclusive report. CNN has also corroborated this with a source inside the probe.

Her position at DPS has been eliminated. She upped and moved on to greener pastures during the summer.

Some of the students who were lucky enough to escape the shooting at Robb Elementary are now under her protection as a police officer for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (CISD).

Elizondo denied CNN’s requests for an interview over the phone, in person, and over instant messaging.

After the assault on May 24, Uvalde CISD said that it was seeking to hire 10 more police officers. Under the title “KEEP U.C.I.S.D. SAFE,” it lists the names and images of Elizondo and five other police officers, a lieutenant, and a security guard, despite it did not make any public announcements about her hire during the summer.

During least 33 DPS officers, Superintendent Hal Harrell said at an August town hall meeting, would be stationed in and around the district’s eight campuses. Parent Brett Cross said CNN he had been informed the deployed DPS police would not have been responders to the shooting, allaying early concerns that cops who failed to halt the killing would be assigned with school security.

Elizondo is exempt from that rule in her new role. Uvalde Elementary, the new school for the youngest pupils who made it through the Robb massacre, was filled with students and their parents as she passed by.

Family members informed CNN that several of the parents who had children killed in the shooting had identified her from the body camera video given by the mayor.

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District’s (UCISD) choice to employ Officer Crimson Elizondo has left us feeling humiliated and enraged. Family representatives said in a statement that her appointment “calls into doubt the reliability and thoroughness of UCISD’s HR and screening methods.”

According to CNN’s reporting, it made them nervous since it served as another more reminder of the tragic events of that day in a city full of such reminders.

However, they were unaware of the ongoing probe against her.

It’s also not clear whether or not the school system was aware of the probe before they hired her.

In their statement, family members demanded that all officers in the department be placed on administrative leave awaiting the outcome of an independent inquiry, the findings of which “must be published” to the public and the victims’ families.

The government has abducted our kids. “We will not rest until we have answers and the protection of the children in our community is guaranteed,” the statement said.

The legal guardian for one of the murdered students at Robb Elementary, Uziyah Garcia, Cross, has spoken out about how “disgusted” he is by the district’s actions.

He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “I’m very outraged,” and said the school board had met with him and offered to transfer such police to non-school-related duties. He has pledged to remain outside the school board headquarters until all police are placed on administrative leave.

CNN has attempted to contact the district and its employees many times and has not received a response.

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