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Four Charged With Homicide and Negligence After Elderly Knox County Lady Discovered De@d in 2020

Four Charged With Homicide and Negligence

Four Charged With Homicide and Negligence

In 2020, Brenda Shinpaugh Crutchfield was found dead in her bed in a home on Lakin Road. Four people have been charged with murder, multiple counts of abuse, and tampering with evidence.

Crystal Shinpaugh Dalton, Ira Earl Shinpaugh Jr., Randy Lee Shinpaugh, and Teresa Leilani Shinpaugh were all charged with first-degree murder by a Knox County grand jury. The four are also charged with aggravated abuse of an elderly person and tampering with evidence in the case.

All four were taken on May 19, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. A dispatcher for the sheriff’s office said that the office would not give any more information.

A report from the sheriff’s office said that police went to the house late on May 13, 2020, and saw the dead woman. In a different report, it said that the cause of death was “complications from starvation due to elder neglect,” and that the way the person died was “by murder.”

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According to the sheriff’s office, a judge set Dalton’s bond at $300,000 and each of the three Shinpaughs’ bonds at $275,000.

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