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Four People Were Shot and Killed, Including the Suspect and a 7-year-old

Four People Were Shot and Killed

Four People Were Shot and Killed

On Sunday morning, three people were shot and killed, leaving the community in shock.

Around 2 a.m., police in Orlando were called to Parramore for a case of domestic violence.

Investigators said they called for help after hearing shots fired inside a house on Grand Street. The armed suspect then left the house.

Police said that the suspect, Lacorvis Daley, who was 28 years old, shot at officers. The officers shot back, and Daley was killed.

Two people are dead and three others are hurt after a shooting in Orlando, police say.

Cecil Allen said earlier in the day that he was in the area to see his family.

“I heard the first shot as I turned the corner,” he said.

As Allen waited for the police to find out the names of the victims, he prayed that they were not two people he knew.

Later on Sunday afternoon, police announced the names of the three people who had died: Cameron Bouie, 7, Damionna Reed, 13, and Carole Fulmore, 69.

It’s Not Clear How the People Who Died Knew Daley

“I want Parramore to be a good place where people do well and live,” Allen said. “But look, I came to pick up my goddaughter for prom, and look what happened.” “This is why I left this neighborhood. I want the area to be better.”

The tweet below confirms the news of shooting:

Two Orlando police officers are on administrative leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement looks into what happened. This is normal in situations like this.

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