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Four People Were Stabbed In Front Of A Restaurant In Ponte Vedra Beach

Four People Were Stabbed In Front Of A Restaurant In Ponte Vedra Beach

Four People Were Stabbed In Front Of A Restaurant In Ponte Vedra Beach

After four people were stabbed outside a restaurant in Ponte Vedra Beach, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s office launched an investigation.

According to a witness who spoke to Action News Jax, his friend sprang into action and tackled the attacker of two ladies.

Kennedy Armstrong deserves all the credit; he’s a true hero, said James Stepp.

Stepp claimed he and Armstrong arrived to buy some lunch when they heard screams. When they proceeded to find out what was happening, they discovered a violent altercation in which, according to Stepp, a man was stabbing two ladies.

We heard a woman screaming as soon as we got out of the car, so we hastened to the scene to investigate, the man claimed. “The one guy was mounted over the other woman from behind, so my buddy tackled him off and got him off of them,” the second woman said.

Crime scene tape was used to cordon off a sizable portion of the parking lot, and evidence markers were placed adjacent to food and clothing.

“We knew at that point that something not so cool was happening since it was extremely tactile,” he said. “There was a lot of blood, and it appeared that the younger woman had been stabbed in the chest. It appeared that the mother had been cut across the forehead or may have sustained another wound.”

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His friend Kennedy was one of the four victims who were brought to the hospital.

The knife may have cut a few tendons and arteries in his hand, but he is currently being treated, the man claimed.

Stepp claimed that he then dialed 911 and attempted to disarm the knife.

Stepp stated, “I immediately did and called dispatch to give them all the information. Right when the ladies looked at me and said called 911. I saw some things nobody ever wants to see; it’s a terrible situation.”

Stepp claimed that the individual harming those women also hurt himself. There are no known suspects, according to the Sheriff’s office, and it is unknown what caused the incident.

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