Fox News Weatherman Attacked By Group Of Teens On New York Subway

Adam Klotz, a meteorologist for Fox News, reported that he was brutally beaten early on Sunday by a gang of “seven or eight kids” while riding the subway in New York City. He had cuts across his face, black eyes, and bruised ribs as a result of the incident.

On Sunday morning, Klotz, a network employee since 2017, uploaded two videos on his Instagram account describing the altercation and its effects. He added that at least a few of the attackers had been captured by law police.

In the first video, Klotz said, revealing his discoloured face, “Hear me out, though: you should see the other guy.” Oh, don’t laugh, but my side is significantly worse than my face.

The weatherman then asked aloud, “Where are the parents?” and pleaded with them not to allow their children to “let your kids beat up strangers in the middle of the night,” noting that the “other guy” was actually “five or six children.”

A few hours later, Klotz shared another social media film with a much more sombre tone in which he provided more information regarding the altercation.

“I think my last post made it look like I wasn’t taking myself seriously. He stated as he focused the camera on his face wounds, “Like this wasn’t genuine. “But, absolutely, this older gentleman was being hassled by this bunch of seven or eight adolescents on the metro last night after watching the [New York] Giants game at a bar,” a witness said.

And I was like, ‘Yo, guys, cut it out,'” Klotz continued. And they made the decision, “Okay, if he doesn’t get it, then you get it!” They gave it to me, and boy, did they. They had me on the ground; in addition, my ribs have numerous bruises. They scored some hits!

The meteorologist did mention that after the attack, the “cops grabbed a couple of these kids” and the man who had been intimidated by the group “got out of their fine.”

The New York Post was told by police sources that Klotz challenged the teenagers on the No. 1 train at roughly 1:15 a.m. At the 18th Street station, the teenagers jumped off the train, and three of them were quickly apprehended by police.

Finally, according to a spokeswoman of the New York Police Department, the three teenagers—ages 15 through 17—were immediately freed from detention.

The NYPD representative stated that “juvenile reports were produced, and their parents were called to fetch them up.”

“I underwent a few X-rays. I am OK. In the second video, Klotz proclaimed: “This is all going to mend. It’s all good! You get what I’m saying? City of New York City of New York What a place, ah. The New York City!

When contacted by The Daily Beast, Klotz declined to comment. Fox News did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

The recent increase in violent crime in New York has been utilised by Manhattan-based Fox News to attack Democratic politicians and liberal criminal justice practises, branding the city as a “hellhole.” Fox News has continued to pay close attention to the “crime problem” in the biggest city in the country, even though the network’s overall coverage of crime notably decreased after the midterm elections last year.

Urban violence has also had a direct impact on Fox News characters. Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell’s younger brother was shot and died in Chicago last summer before the attack on Klotz.

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