French Montana Net Worth 2022: Akon Reveals Why He Gave French Montana A Fake Watch

Rapper French Montana is an American who was born in Morocco. He inked a collaborative recording contract with Maybach Music and Bad Boy Records in 2012.

He founded Coke Boys Records as well. “Jungle Rules,” his second studio album from 2017, peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200 thanks to the hit “Unforgettable.” He has produced well over 13 billion combined streams across several platforms as of this writing.

Early Life

Karim Kharbouch, better known as French Montana, was born in Rabat, Morocco, on November 9, 1984. His French heritage in Morocco and Tony Montana from the film Scarface are combined to form the name, French Montana.

Rapping and playing soccer were his two greatest loves as a child. He adored basketball as well. On a family estate outside of Casablanca, he spent his formative years. When the family was 13, they emigrated to America.

They made South Bronx their home. At the time, he was only fluent in French and Moroccan Darija, his native tongue. Karim, then in his adolescent years, had to acquire English from children and in high school.

After a while, his father eventually made his way back to Casablanca. His mother made the decision to remain behind with their kids. At the time, his mother was expecting his youngest brother. The family of three relied on welfare to get by, and Kharbouch quickly found himself laboring to help the family.


French released a number of mixtapes in 2002 under the name Cocaine City. In 2007, French released his first mixtape. When he was signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik record label in 2009, he received a significant break.

Sadly, nothing came of this agreement, and after two years French ended his contract with Akon and joined Diddy’s Bad Boy Records instead. With the song “Choppa Choppa Down” in 2010, he made his debut. He currently has a shared contract with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music and Bad Boy Records.

Excuse my French, his debut studio album was made available in May 2013. The album debuted at number one on the US Rap and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts, at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart, and at number eleven in Canada.

In July 2017, he dropped his second album, Jungle Rules, which peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200, US Rap, US R&B/Hip-Hop, as well as #2 in Canada. On the US Rap and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts, Montana’s track “Pop That,” which features Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne, peaked at number two. Also, read about Babyface Net Worth

His song “Unforgettable,” which features Swae Lee, peaked at number one on the US Rap chart, number two on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, number three on the Billboard Hot 100, and number two in the UK. The song “Unforgettable” was Montana’s first to chart in the top 10 of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 as a lead artist.

Among the hip-hop musicians French Montana listened to as a child were Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Snoop Dogg, and Wu-Tang Clan. He describes himself as a music enthusiast in general and has used samples from various artists, including Lana Del Rey, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Florence + the Machine, and many others, in his songs.

Personal Life

In addition to his native Arabic, Montana also speaks French and English with ease.

French Montana

As Montana left a recording studio in New York City, two shooters opened fire on him. He received a head injury from a gunshot, which necessitated many weeks in the hospital. When the other attacker opened fire on one of the gunmen, he was killed in the event. There was no evidence of Montana’s involvement in the incident.

In 2007, Montana wed Deen Kharbouch. 2012 saw the couple’s separation, and 2014 saw the couple’s divorce become official. A son was born to them in 2010.

French captioned a photo of himself cuddling two tiger cubs on Instagram in April 2013, “Got so high last night bought 2 baby tigers.” He gave the tigers the names Ike and Tina and included them in the “The Gifted” song video.

The following year, he acknowledged that he had given the tigers new homes since he had found it challenging to care for and feed them.

French Montana acquired Julius Ceasar, a pet monkey, before the end of 2014. A video of the animal, which showed French boarding a private plane while holding the young monkey in his arms, was uploaded in the middle of December.

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana allegedly started dating in April 2014. It was revealed that French and Khloe had split up in September 2014. Additionally, he dated model-rapper Trina.

After traveling to Uganda to record his “Unforgettable” music video in 2017, which had over a billion streams, Montana began his philanthropic activity.

His work in Uganda helped generate $500,000 to build the Suubi hospital, which is used by more than 300,000 Ugandans. French received the title of Global Citizen Ambassador in 2018 in recognition of his humanitarian work in Uganda. The rapper received the prize for the first time in its history.

Akon Reveals Why He Gave French Montana A Fake Watch

After French Montana claimed that Akon handed him a phoney watch, Akon has finally come out.

French disclosed a year ago that Akon had given him a Hublot watch for his birthday. But when he took it to his jeweler to get “iced out,” he discovered that it was a fake.

What you mean? [The jeweler] asked me after taking a glance at me. French remarked, “My guy, Akon did not give you this.

Akon addressed the matter last week in an appearance with Real 92.3’s “Cruz Show,” claiming that he had no idea it was a fake because he was not familiar with timepieces.

“I never really wore watches. I simply saw something I thought was attractive and I bought it,” he said.

When Akon learned that it was a replica, he was just as shocked as French. “What do you mean fake? I said. Don’t the crap tick, do they? He made a joke about “the terrible work.” “I have no idea that it’s a Hublot copy. I had no idea.

French Montana Net Worth

French Montana Net Worth is estimated to be around $22 Million in 2022. In 2016, French Montana paid $3.3 million for Selena Gomez’s 8,000-square-foot Calabasas residence.

He is said to have spent a significant sum of money on the home’s various repairs and additions, including roughly $400,000 on a recording studio that is housed in the property’s guest house. French placed the house for sale in February 2020 for $6.6 million, which is double what he spent.

A few months after the property was first advertised, he lowered the price to $5.999 million. In September 2021, he eventually sold the house for $5 million.

He spent $8.42 million on a house in Hidden Hills, California, in December 2020. Paul George, an NBA player, was the seller in this case. Paul’s initial asking price for the property was $9.5 million.

A 1.4-acre estate with a 6,000-square-foot residence in Pequannock, New Jersey, was purchased by French Montana for $995k in 2013. In 2018, he first put this house up for sale for $1.4 million. He appears to still be the owner because he was unable to locate a buyer.

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