Friend Of Aaron Carter Describes Singer’s Final Days, Scene Of Death

A longtime friend of the late musician Aaron Carter spoke out about what he witnessed at the residence on the day his death was found.

After being given the all-clear by police, Gary Madatyan and Carter’s on-again, off-again fiancée Melanie Martin entered the house only to find a bloody scene.

“After removing the body from the residence, they only let a select few people inside. We simply wanted to check the residence for any signs of blood, alcohol, or other substances, Madatyan said to “Entertainment Tonight” on Monday.

I entered his room. It was a typical bedroom, he said. “I walked to the bathroom, and the bathtub was filled with water that was kind of brownish.”

The “Aaron’s Party” singer kept aerosol cans in his home, according to Madatyan, who also said Carter had a problem with huffing. However, Madatyan added that he had never really seen Carter huff until he did so on Instagram.

“I and Melanie sent a text message stating, ‘This is horrible,’ as soon as I saw it. It’s not a nice thing. He remarked, “We were quite concerned about him.

The singer’s longtime buddy spoke candidly about Carter’s final days and the incident that led to his death.

Friend Of Aaron Carter Describes Singer's Final Days, Scene Of Deat

“He appeared awful. He shrank so considerably. His behavior was abnormal. He wasn’t there in his mind, Madatyan recalled. “I heard he was on a lot of medications, not necessarily illegal drugs, but a lot of medications,” someone said.

The combination of Carter’s addiction and prior diagnoses of multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, and manic depression, along with his age of 34 on Saturday, may have contributed to his untimely death, according to Madatyan.

Gary Madatyan, shown here, said, “I walked to the bathroom where the bathtub was full of water, like, yellowish tint.

“I personally believe he was taking medication and slept off in a bathtub… Given that he treasured life, I believe it to be an unfortunate accident. He shared, “He had so many plans. “He liked life even if he had an addiction and mental health issues.”

Moreover, according to Madatyan, Carter’s custody dispute with Martin over their 1-year-old son Prince emotionally taxed the “I Want Candy” singer.

Before this child custody case entered the picture, I believe he was doing fine, Madatyan added. He had numerous sessions with his attorneys as a result of being sad over being unable to see his child.

After the court ordered Martin to have temporary custody due to domestic violence and drug usage issues, Carter entered an outpatient recovery program in September to reclaim custody of their kid.

However, Madatyan asserted that Carter’s financial difficulties were in addition to his struggles with addiction and his mental health.

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