Gabriel Iglesias Divorce: Why He Separated From His Girlfriend?

My Comedy Journey, a new docuseries from Variety, opens with Gabriel Iglesias, better known as Fluffy, and informs comedy fans about his love with actress Claudia Valdez and subsequent split.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias?

An American actor, comedian, and writer with a $40 million fortune are Gabriel Iglesias. Iglesias is a hugely popular stand-up comedian who performs stand-up to sold-out audiences of passionate fans while on tour throughout the nation.

In addition, he has recently had a ton of comedy specials broadcast on Netflix, where he now stars in his own series.

The youngest of six children, Gabriel Iglesias was born in 1976 in the Californian city of San Diego. Growing up, he moved a lot, living in places including Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton before settling in Long Beach.

According to his personal account, over the opposition of his family, Gabriel Iglesias abandoned a stable position with a cell phone business to pursue a career in comedy. His major break came in 2000 when he made a brief appearance alongside Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes on one season of the Nickelodeon children’s comedic sketch show All That.

He was cast as the voice of a Mexican family in a Family Guy episode and as twins in the Disney television adaptation of The Emperor’s New School in 2007.

Who Is Claudia Valdez?

Although not much is known about Valdez‘s professional life, she is an actor.

She made an appearance in Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able’s science fiction horror movie Monsters from the UK in 2010. Alongside actress Aris Martinez, Valdez is recognized for having played a nurse in a maternity ward.

She doesn’t seem to have appeared in any more significant productions after Monsters. She might have been dating Iglesias two years prior to the release of Monsters in 2010, according to The Sun.

Gabriel Iglesias Divorce

According to The Sun, Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias were first spotted together at a gathering in 2008.

She and Fluffy had a long-term relationship that ended in July 2020, although they were never married and never got divorced. Also, read about Mick Mars Net Worth

Iglesias claims in the aforementioned Variety docuseries episode that he never wants to leave the city where he was raised and that they were both living in California.

Gabriel And Claudia

Iglesias’ battles with depression and drunkenness are also mentioned in The Sun, along with the “effect” they had on his family. People claimed that Iglesias suffered from the “stress of juggling job and family” in June 2020. He told the newspaper, “Everything fell apart.” Regarding these rumors, GRV Media has been in touch with Iglesias’ team.

There are no biological children born to Gabriel Iglesias.

He and Claudia did, however, raise Frankie, her son from a prior relationship who is now in his mid-20s, together. In 2020, it was also stated that Gabriel and Frankie continued to have a “solid relationship.”

Home for him now that he’s single is “different.” I can concentrate on myself, he told the publication. My job, my child, and my dogs. Also, read about Marjorie Greene Divorce

Iglesias mentions having domestic problems “many years ago” in a little Life With Fluffy clip titled How I Ended My 2019.

Apparently, his ex-girlfriend used to invite her friends over, and they would fill up all the parking spots. Iglesias brought up this complaint during a performance at the Microsoft Theater, and shortly after, he was given a parking space at LA Live, which is located just next to the Staples Center.

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