Gas Price Hits Nearly $10 A Gallon in California’s Mendocino

On a Friday afternoon, a Mendocino Chevron was asking $9.60 per gallon for ordinary. According to AAA, that’s more than $3 more a gallon than the state average.

An 8,880-gallon gas shipment that must be paid off within 10 days cost Judy Schlafer’s auto body shop in Mendocino approximately $50,000, she claimed. Three months ago, she claimed to have paid around $20,000 less for the same-sized cargo than she does now. By charging $9.60, Schlafer stated she would be out of business.

“I’ll be lucky if I make it through the year with all the fees, the regulation, and the payroll fees,” she lamented. A petrol station in Mendocino won’t be available by the end of the year if current trends continue.

The town’s single gas station, Schlafer’s, has been getting a lot of attention recently because of its high prices in the face of skyrocketing gas costs around the country. The media frequently refers to the station as having the most costly gas in the country.

Schlafer, on the other hand, isn’t convinced, claiming that gas costs the same wherever you go.

As far away as Mono County and Big Sur are concerned, SFGATE was unable to discover anything more pricey than Mendocino.

As the head of petroleum analysis at Gas Buddy, Patrick De Haan, put it, “without a doubt it is the most costly gas in the country.”

Prices at the pump are influenced by the cost of crude oil. High prices can be expected as a result of a lack of supply. When demand for oil dropped during the COVID-19 epidemic, supply concerns began. The market immediately recovered, but production and supply are unable to keep up with the increased demand for the commodity.

De Haan added that COVID has reduced refinery capacity. “Due to limited resources, we are not producing the amount of gasoline that is being consumed by the market. Even as prices rise, it is astounding to see how high they currently are.”

Additionally, sanctions placed by the United States and other nations on Russia have had an impact on the price of crude oil, as millions of barrels have been removed from the world supply.

Over the past year, the average price of gas in California has risen by $2. The typical price of gas in California has risen by 17 cents in the last week alone.

De Haan said, “Price rises are continuing,” as a result. There is no way for me to tell when they’ll go down.”

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