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George Michael Death: The Sudden Death of Wham! Star in 2016

George Michael Death

George Michael Death

Since George Michael became famous in the 1980s, his music has mesmerized listeners all around the world. As a result, many admirers were shocked by his untimely death in 2016.

Michael originally came to prominence as a member of the wildly popular musical duo Wham! After that, he had a solo career and sold millions of records. But his private life was not without hardship behind the scenes. He experienced one of the saddest periods of his life in the 1990s after losing both his mother, Lesley Angold Panayiotou, and his first love, Anselmo Feleppa.

In the years that followed, Michael got into a legal dispute with his record company. He was arrested in a Beverly Hills park in 1998, which led to the public outing of his sexual orientation. After that, he encountered a number of legal issues regarding drug use and driving while intoxicated, which finally resulted in jail time.

Michael’s family and friends hope that, despite the fact that he was able to put some of his difficulties behind him before passing away in 2016, he will be remembered for his compassion and charitable work rather than for his struggles.

George Michael Death: How Did the Wham! Star Die?

On December 25, 2016, Michael passed away at home. An autopsy that was performed in the days after Michael’s passing produced “inconclusive” results. In a statement at the time, the Thames Valley police declared that Michael’s death was “unexplained but not suspicious.”

Michael’s death was finally judged to be caused by natural causes after considerable more testing was conducted over the course of the following few months. The coroner looking into the singer’s death determined that Michael had dilated cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, and fatty liver.

Dilated cardiomyopathy, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a condition where the left ventricle enlarges and becomes unable to pump blood. The muscle might weaken to the point of heart failure. Heart inflammation known as myocarditis is typically brought on by a viral infection.

Fatty liver disease, which is the accumulation of fat in the liver, is most frequently brought on by alcoholism, according to the Mayo Clinic. (Those who don’t drink heavily, though, can still be affected by the sickness.) Diabetes and obesity are two additional common causes of fatty liver.

The coroner issued a statement saying, “Enquiries into the death of George Michael have been concluded and the final post mortem report has been received.” There is no need for an inquest or any other inquiries because the death was caused by a confirmed natural cause, dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

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Where Did George Michael Die?

In the English village of Goring-on-Thames, which is a part of South Oxfordshire, Michael was discovered dead at home. His partner Fadi Fawaz claims to have found Michael unconscious in bed when he discovered his lifeless corpse.

Fawaz attempted to awaken Michael for an hour, according to a 911 call, before dialing for help. When speaking with the emergency dispatcher, Fawaz described the singer as “cold” and “blue.” Asked if he thought Michael was “beyond help,” Fawaz replied that he had spent “hour” attempting to revive him and now thought he was “gone.”

Wham! member Andrew Ridgeley Remembered George Michael Recently:

In response to the operator’s question about if the death was “expected,” Fawaz reportedly said, “No, no, no, no, no, I’ve been waiting for him to wake him up for like, you know, for hours and he wouldn’t wake up, I went to wake him up and he was gone, you know, he’s not there.”

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Fawaz tweeted about the incident in the days that followed, saying that it had been challenging to spend Christmas morning attempting to resuscitate his companion.

“This Christmas, I’ll never forget waking up to see your sweetheart blissfully deceased in bed. “xx, I will always miss you,” he tweeted.

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