George Santos – News: Secret Recordings Of A Congressman Show Him Confessing To Having Lied To Everyone And Recommending Botox

Following a torrent of accusations and admissions that he falsified the majority of his professional profile and résumé before he was elected in November, shocking secret audio has shown that embattled Republican congressman George Santos admitted that he “lied to everyone.”

According to the audio obtained by Talking Points Memo, Mr. Santos admitted to lying to his chief of staff Charley Lovett as well as other people.

He states in the audio, “I’ve obviously f***** up and lied to him as I lied to everyone else.” And unlike some other individuals, he continued to forgive me and give me another chance.

Mr. Santos is also heard in the recording advising about getting diluted Botox in Colombia. He says:

The open look inside Mr. Santos’ office comes as he resigned from his committee positions this week in the face of intensifying scrutiny of his campaign financing.

According to reports, federal law enforcement is also looking into a claim that he took money from a GoFundMe account put up to cover the cost of surgery for a wounded veteran’s dying dog.

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