Georgia Couple Arrested for Starving 10-Year-Old Son to 36 Pounds

Police in Georgia said they detained a couple after discovering their ten-year-old kid wandering to the grocery store while weighing only 36 pounds.

According to WANF, Tyler and Krista Schindler have been charged with attempted second-degree homicide and attempted malice murder. They are also accused of battery, simple battery, false confinement, and child abuse in the first, second, and third degrees.

Concerned Griffin, Georgia, residents of the Atlanta suburb called the police and reported seeing a child stumbling around the area. According to police, they saw his “thinness, discolored skin, and obvious injuries” right away. Police were reportedly informed by the youngster that he had run away from home, was starving, and begged them to “please not make” him go back.

The tweet below confirms the news:

10-Year-Old Boy Starved to 36 Pounds, Hospitalized

He needed to be treated for malnutrition and a low heart rate, so he was sent to the hospital.

District Attorney Marie Broder for the Griffin Judicial Circuit referred to the starving case as one of the worst she had ever seen.

“As a mother, I can’t comprehend it. As a human being, it breaks your heart,” Broder said, per Fox 5 Atlanta.

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For obvious reasons, we aren’t sharing any pictures of the child, but I can assure you that they are dreadful and should make any person with a human heart shudder.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services has custody of the couple’s other four children, according to the police, who also stated that their investigation into this matter is ongoing.

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