Georgia Man’s Family Still Searching for Answers After 14 Years

One family in Carroll County is still hoping to find a man who hasn’t been seen since September 2009.

Amanda Rickles set up a GoFundMe page saying that Brian Wehrle, who was 36 when he went missing, was last seen at his parents’ house in Carrolton, Georgia, on September 23, 2009.

Wehrle’s family has been trying to find out what happened to him for almost 14 years. Now, they are raising money to put up signs in the hopes of getting new information.

The ViCAP program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in the missing persons report that “Wehrle left behind a lot of his things, including his cell phone. His car was also missing at first, but it was later found in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with the key still in the engine. Wehrle has no known ties to that city.

Before he went missing, Wehrle and his partner lived in Atlanta. The FBI said that they think he was taken by someone else, and the Carrollton Police Department is still looking into it.

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More recently, members of Wehrle’s family talked to the hosts of true crime podcasts The Fall Line and Crime Junkies in an effort to raise notice in the areas where he was last seen.

Their GoFundMe page asks for $8,000 to be used for a year of campaigning on billboards in Carrolton, and the extra money will be set away to pay for a private investigator.

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