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Georgia Couple Faces Charges for Allegedly Attempting to Starve Their Son to Death

Georgia Parents Charged with Starving Son

Georgia Parents Charged with Starving Son

The boy was shoeless, pale, and seemed confused as he walked down the street. He was 10 years old, but he only weighed as much as a normal 4-year-old. He wanted to go to Kroger’s to buy food because he was hungry.

Police were called, and the boy begged them to “please not make him go back.”

Griffin, Georgia, police found out quickly that the child lived in a nice house down the street. Now, his parents are in jail because they are accused of keeping him locked up for three years without food or water.

“This is a strange case.” “It breaks my heart,” said Griffin District Attorney Marie Broder. “Plain and simple, this child was being starved to de@th, which is sad.”

“I really believe that this case would be very different if he hadn’t left that home.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Tyler Schindley, 46, and Krista Schindley, 47, are accused of trying to kill someone, being cruel to children, putting someone in a false jail, and hitting someone.

The 10-year-old boy only weighed 36 pounds and had a heart rate that was dangerously low. Police said that he had “discolored skin and visible injuries.”

Child safety workers took the couple’s other five children, who went to home school. At a news conference on Tuesday, police said that they had not yet been able to talk to them.

“I mean, I can’t understand it as a mother,” Broder said. “But as a person, it makes your heart hurt. We’re not giving out any pictures of this child for reasons that should be clear. But I will tell you that the pictures are awful. And anyone with a human heart who looks at them should be shook to the core.”

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The next-door neighbor, Kim Seigler, said that the situation was “horrible.”

She told Fox5 Atlanta, “It makes me wonder if I should have been more aware.”

On his Facebook page, Tyler Schindley said that he managed an Under Armour store, but his most recent posts promoted a local club that seems to be run by his wife.

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