Georgia Woman Apprehended After Suspiciously Wielding a Gun on Ring Camera

Authorities in Georgia detained a lady who was spotted on a Ring camera suspiciously approaching a home with a gun.

Officers from the Conyers Police Department said that they had detained the lady seen in the Ring video from May 9.

The footage, which showed an armed lady approaching a property in St. Julian’s Place, first caused a worried citizen to alert the police.

According to reports, the suspect first went away and then returned. Residents noted the details of her car, which helped cops recognize her from surveillance footage.

The woman’s identity was not made public, and it is unclear whether she was accused of a crime or why she did it.

Local authorities made it clear that they take events involving guns seriously.

The tweet below confirms the news:

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“We take cases related to firearms seriously, especially since there has been an increase in gun violence all across the country,” Conyers Police Department said in a statement.

“We would like to thank the partnership with our community, dispatch, and patrol officer as they worked together to keep Conyers safe!” the statement added.

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