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Mississippi Inmate Escapees Abandoned Getaway Truck Was Discovered Near Houston

Getaway Truck Used by Mississippi Jail (1)

Getaway Truck Used by Mississippi Jail (1)

Four escaped convicts from a jail in Jackson, Mississippi are said to have left their stolen getaway truck in the Houston region, prompting a manhunt. According to Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones, the inmates escaped Saturday night by climbing through the prison’s roof.

“We don’t believe they all escaped at the same time, but rather at different times,” Jones said. Authorities said the suspects jumped into a Hinds County Public Works truck and drove off. A witness said it had broken through a fence and was racing down the road.

Authorities reported finding the vehicle abandoned near Spring Valley Village west of Houston on Sunday afternoon, but no fugitives were inside. The sheriff’s office is skeptical that everyone in the group actually went to Texas. Dylan Arrington, Casey Grayson, Cory Harrison, and Jerry Raynes were arrested and taken into custody on various theft-related offenses.

Getaway Truck Used by Mississippi Jail

These included vehicle theft, burglary of a business, grand larceny, and receiving stolen items. Jackson police have named Arrington as a suspect in the carjacking and murder of a local pastor on Monday night, as reported by WLBT-TV. The preacher reportedly tried to assist the escaped convict when he crashed a stolen motorcycle and needed help, as reported by the station.

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A 2005 red Chevy Silverado was stolen from a house close to the correctional center in Mississippi and is thought to be connected to the escape. The convicts reportedly escaped through a cell break in Pod B of the jail. “The doors locked in his particular pod, the pod is secure. The breach that they created was located in a cell,” Jones said.

Due to a lack of staff, convicts have apparently been able to escape the institution on multiple occasions in recent years. According to Jones, there is now a shortage of around 50 correctional officers. “But, of course, that’s no excuse. Again, we have accepted accountability regarding what happened. We just want the people to know the responsibilities that we are faced with,” Jones said.

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