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What We Know About Ghosts Season 4 Renewal and Premiere Date

Ghosts Season 4

Ghosts Season 4

Ghosts season 4 looks like it will be just as funny as the last one.

Ghosts have become one of BBC’s biggest comedy hits for years. It stars Charlotte Ritchie, who used to be in “Call the Midwife,” as a woman who can see ghosts.

What the makers say: “We’re so happy to be going back to Button House for a fourth season. We have a lot of exciting new stories coming up, and we cannot wait to share the next chapter with you.”

And don’t forget that you can still watch the Ghosts Christmas 2021 special on iPlayer.

Here is what we know about the new show…

Ghosts season 4 Plot: What We Can Expect?

In season three, the overall plot concentrated around Alison rediscovering her “long lost sister” Lucy. With Alison’s money at stake, Lucy’s story unravels, heading to a confrontation in the final episode. This seemed to be a solid conclusion to that storyline. Alison and Mike will likely continue to hold a variety of events at Button House in the upcoming season, ranging from community service projects to full-blown weddings.

Hopefully, we’ll get a better understanding of the lives of the ghosts as well (and, more importantly, deaths). The lives of Robin and Kitty, for example, have yet to be fully explored.

Ritchie told the media, ” “While we had a better understanding of Kitty’s past, we were left in the dark as to how she died. We now have a better understanding of the Captain’s past, but we still don’t know how he perished. For some reason, I hope we never see Mary die because it would be too gruesome.”

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Ghosts co-creator Laurence Rickard told RadioTimes, “the writing team has been bottling up tale ideas,” so there are lots to look forward to.

In addition, Mathew Baynton gave media hints about the next fourth season “Knowing that people are eager to unravel our remaining puzzles makes us realize how sad it will be if they are lost forever.

“The audience is going to get to see what we’ve been working on, and we’re hoping it’s just as enjoyable for them. There are a couple more backstories in the following series.

“I believe it’s fair to say you’ll find out one of the fatalities that are as yet unexplained, but they’ll still be more unexplained for the future.”

The BBC has also teased some details regarding season four. “When we return to Button House for season four, the gatehouse will be open for business. What will happen to Alison and Mike’s B&B if the spirits once again get in the way?”

Expected Cast Of Ghosts Season 4

The owners of Button House, Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe), will be back. Lady Fanny Button, who is played by Martha Howe-Douglas, started to warm up a bit in the third season and even became a detective at one point.

While Mathew Baynton will be back as Thomas Thorne, who briefly stopped loving Alison in the last season.

Jim Howick will play the lovable Pat Butcher again, and Ben Willbond will play the Captain, who likes to keep things in order.

Katy Wix will play Mary. Laurence Rickard will play Robin/Head. Humphrey’s Simon Farnaby will play MP Julian Fawcett, and Lolly Adefope will play Kitty.

Ghosts Season 4 Potential Release Date

During a guest appearance on the Distraction Pieces Podcast, co-star Katy Wix was the first to reveal that Ghosts would be returning for a fourth season on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The creators of the show are excited since they previously told that they wanted to continue using their unique cast of characters to develop stories.

In a statement, the creators said, “We are thrilled to be coming back to Button House for a fourth series. We’re working on a bunch of exciting new stories and can’t wait to share the next chapter.”

Filming will start at West Horsley Place early next year, and the show is likely to come out in late August or early September 2022, if it follows a similar schedule to the last two seasons.

In the meantime, fans might want to check out the American remake of Ghosts, which has done well in the ratings and gotten good reviews from critics, including the British creators of the original.

When will the Ghosts Season 4 trailer be available?

We don’t have a trailer for the fourth season yet, but we might get one in late summer 2022.

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