Gilgo Beach Killer Was Confronted by Neighbor for Staring Over Fence at His Wife While She Sunbathed

Massapequa Park, Long Island – Etienne Devilliers, a longtime neighbor of Rex Heuermann, the suspected serial killer in the Gilgo Beach murders, shared unsettling encounters and odd behavior he witnessed from Heuermann. Devilliers revealed that his wife had been “creeped out” by Heuermann, who would leer over the fence while she sunbathed.

According to Devilliers, he confronted Heuermann about the inappropriate behavior, which resulted in a harsh conversation between the two. Following their interaction, Heuermann ceased his unsettling actions. Devilliers described Heuermann as strange and odd, noting that people in the neighborhood would avoid his house due to its messy appearance.

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Devilliers further mentioned that Heuermann attempted to befriend other neighbors, but Devilliers intentionally kept his distance. He stated that Heuermann’s attempts to engage in social activities were met with rejection from the community.

The arrest of Rex Heuermann, a 59-year-old Manhattan architect, came as a surprise to Devilliers, who noted that Heuermann did not exhibit violent tendencies during their encounters. He recalled threatening Heuermann after the incident with his wife but did not witness any escalated aggression from him.

However, Suffolk County Police revealed that Heuermann had an extensive arsenal of over 200 guns in his home. Devilliers mentioned that he had seen a large box being carried into Heuermann’s house years ago, but was unaware of its contents until recently.

Devilliers expressed sympathy for Heuermann’s children, describing his son as a special needs child and his daughter as shy and quiet. Heuermann’s second wife was also perceived as reserved.

The neighborhood has been overwhelmed with media attention and interest since Heuermann’s arrest. Devilliers emphasized the shock and disbelief among the community, which is typically known for its safety and close-knit atmosphere.

As the investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders continues, the residents of Massapequa Park grapple with the disturbing revelation that a suspected serial killer lived among them for years.

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