2 Year Old Girl Attacked by Coyote in Orange County, California

The girl, who was only two years old, was attacked by a coyote in a park in Orange County, California, according to the authorities on Friday. The youngster, whose identity has not been revealed, is making a full recovery from her wounds.

According to a statement released by the Fountain Valley Police Department, the attack on the youngster took place at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Mile Square Park, which is located within the city of Fountain Valley.

Using a DNA sample taken from the child’s clothing, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was able to positively identify the animal as a coyote and capture it (CDFW). In a statement that was made public earlier this week, the police said that the attack was not immediately reported and that authorities were seeking to locate and put down the animal that was responsible for the attack.
The community has been advised to continue hazing coyotes, and small children and pets should be kept under strict observation, according to the police.

The incident is no longer being looked into by the relevant authorities.

Attacks by coyotes have become a problem in Orange County in recent years. Another young child, aged two years old and visiting a beach in the city of Huntington Beach on April 29 was the victim of an assault by a coyote.

DNA evidence was utilized by biologists from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to determine that one of the two coyotes that had been shot and killed by responding police officers was the one that had attacked the girl.

She was seriously injured, yet she managed to pull through.

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