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Golf Cart Slips Into Canal And Unfortunately The Driver Died On The Spot!

Golf Cart Slips Into Canal And Unfortunately The Driver Died On The Spot

A man was found dead during an incident in which his golf crat get submerged in a canal at the Golf Course at Terra Lago in Indio, California. The misfortune happened on monday a short drive from the three golf holes that will host the PGA Tour stop this week.

The man use to use as an employee of the Golf course and also work as a supervisor. 

According to the reports, Indio Police public relations officer Ben Guitron informed that the driver had taken a course path before ending up in the canal. He said that officers and firemen arrived on the scene just after 2 p.m., according to his account.

Guitron added-

“We’re going to wait and see what the results are from the coroner’s office, but it appears they may have drowned as a result of the accident. But that’s all preliminary information”.

According to a tweet from Riverside County Fire Department, the cart was trapped and lying on its side in the canal. Using a cage to shield passengers from golf balls on the course is normal practice for company carts, according to Guitron.

At the site, the guy was declared dead by firefighters after they lifted the cart out of the canal. Both the Riverside County Fire Department and the Indio Police Department are conducting investigations into the event.

The victim’s identity was not immediately made public. His agency is presently examining it as an accident, but he does not know the condition of the driver or how it came to pass. He expects such information to become available after the coroner’s inquiry is complete.

End Lines-

For the time being, police investigators are expected to remain on the course for a few more hours. On the south course, cops could be seen around 100 yards from Terra Lago Parkway as of 5:40 pm.

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