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Good Girls Season 5: Is it Officially Cancelled?

Good Girls Season 5

Good Girls Season 5

Fans of the Netflix comedy starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman will be disappointed to learn that the season that just debuted on the service appears to be the final one.

Multiple sources said that the show’s fourth season will come to an end and that a shorter fifth season would be ordered to wrap up the tale. Fans may never find out how the show’s tale was supposed to end because this did not turn out to be the case.

The show’s last tributes were presided over by Whitman, who announced that she would “tear immediately” upon learning of the show’s discontinuation.

Good Girls’ decision not to extend the show for a second season may be found right here.

Good Girls Season 5 Cast

Good Girls season 5 has been canceled. NBC has decided that there will be no additional cast members for season 5. We’re all familiar with the Good Girls from Season 4.

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Good Girls Season 5: Is it Officially Cancelled?

It’s promoted as a Netflix Original in several regions, but the show was produced by NBC and discontinued in the summer of 2021 while Season 4 was still airing on the network.

In light of this, why did NBC decide to ax the show? As we’ll see, there are several elements at play, but poor ratings are a big impact.

There are reports that the show is a big hit for Netflix because it consistently makes it into their top 10 lists around the world once each season is released. However, NBC’s success was not replicated here.

NBC, for example, aired 19 scripted shows in the 2020-2021 TV season. Both in terms of overall viewers and in the 18-to-49 age range, it received the lowest ratings.

The program’s global success on Netflix and cult following (who made it NBC’s second most popular show on digital platforms) led to the belief that Season 5 would bring the plot to an end. In the end, NBC chose not to go ahead with a fifth season, despite the three leads consenting to pay cutbacks.

This is due to a variety of factors, including a producer’s inability to make the final season financially viable for NBC, creative disputes, and a supposed animosity between Hendricks and Rio’s Manny Montana, who have each acknowledged their icy working relationship.

Fans of the NBC cult classic Good Girls may ask why Netflix didn’t bring the show to a close on their own as they did with Manifest. However, according to Deadline, the show’s production firm looked into whether this was a possible option, but the plans never materialized.

After it was announced that the show will no longer air on any network or platform, it was Whitman’s turn to lead tributes to the show. She posted the following in an Instagram story she shared with her followers: “unable to look at phone because of sadness and confusion… I adore my co-stars and all of you who tuned in to watch the show. Thank you so much for your unwavering support throughout our time as Annie. It was an honor. [O] Let me go cry now.”

Good Girls Season 5 Trailer

Good Girl Season 5 has been officially canceled by NBC, hence there is no official trailer available. See the Good Girls Season 4 Teaser!

The Ending Of Good Girls Season 4

Because there was still speculation about a possible Good Girls Season 5 after the show’s fourth season ended, the season finale left some plot lines open. Beth Boland (Hendricks) gets elected to the city council at the end of the fourth season. While Dean (Matthew Lillard), Beth (Retta), and friends Ruby (Retta) and Stan (Reno Wilson) are preparing to move to Nevada to escape their criminal lives, Mick (Carlos Aviles) shows up at Beth’s house and murders her.

To our surprise, it turns out that Beth and Dean had migrated to Nevada in a flashback. Beth, on the other hand, is acutely aware of the fact that their new lives are just as entangled as their old ones, and she encourages her friends to commit yet another crime, during which she is once again wounded. On her return to Michigan, Beth finds that her time in Nevada had been a dream. Fortunately, the gunshot wound is not life-threatening, and the incident was a stunt.

As of Season 3, it was Mick’s pistol that killed Lucy (Charlyne Yi) with the fake currency. Beth is well aware that her prints are on the gun, putting her in danger of going to jail. To Ruby’s dismay, Beth states that she has no desire to go to Nevada to put her criminal past behind her. Because Annie is concerned about Beth’s safety, she confesses to the crime and accepts responsibility for it so that Beth won’t have to.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Stan have to decide whether or not they are ready to relocate. Stan gives her an ultimatum: either come live with us, your real family, or stay with Beth and Annie forever. Stan chooses the latter option. Ruby is spotted leaving in the final moments of the show. Is she going to leave? Alternatively, she could have been unloading her belongings. We’ll never know.

As Beth and Rio sit on their park bench in the last scene, the tables are turned on them. Rio is the money launderer Beth has been working for/flirting with for the past three seasons. She has spent her entire life as a low-level criminal since he has always had the upper hand in their relationship. When he responds with, “You got it, boss,” she says, “You now work for me.” Beth can finally become a huge criminal now that she is a member of the city council and has more power than she has ever had.

Where To Watch Good Girls?

All four seasons of Good Girls are currently available on Netflix in the United States. Individual episodes and seasons can be purchased through Amazon Prime Video.

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