Good Samaritans Rush to Help a California Woman as Purse Thieves Take Her Through the Parking Lot

Horrifying footage shows a 75-year-old woman being pulled by purse-snatchers in broad daylight in a California bank parking lot. The Monday morning armed robbery in Hacienda Heights, a Los Angeles suburb, occurred shortly after 11:15 a.m.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the victim was walking out of the bank’s parking lot when the thief raced up and snatched her pocketbook from over her shoulder. The robber knocked the woman to the ground and dragged her for a few steps because she stubbornly held on to her possession.

The male robber is shown on surveillance video tugging the woman by the arm as he tries to get his hands on her handbag. When two bystanders arrived, he stopped pulling the dazed woman and ran away. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is leading the investigation, specifically its Major Crimes Bureau.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The woman is seen in the video getting up and walking carefully, but her condition is yet unknown. The latest in a series of robberies that have occurred in different cities and counties, according to detectives cited by FOX 11. Detectives also think the same people are involved.

Property can be replaced, but the life of someone is most important to us,LA County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Miguel Meza told FOX 11. “If you’re going to get your vehicle, your purse, or anything of value stolen, or you’re put in a situation where someone’s trying to take anything from you, let the person have it. We don’t want you to be physically hurt.”

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