‘Good waste panda’: Collierville Carlos officially becomes Tennessee’s State Prognosticator

Following Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner’s appointment as the town’s prognosticator last year, Carlos gained notoriety across the community.

Chelsea Chandler, a meteorologist for ABC 24 News and a fan of Groundhog Day, was concerned that COVID might mar the holiday. Consequently, she began searching for a local prognosticator in our backyard.

In the end, she was able to track down Collierville Carlos. After a year of hard training, he was able to overcome his nocturnal nature and discover what a shadow was, just in time to prophesy the future for Collierville and the people of Tennessee when they were in desperate need.

Like the famous groundhog from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Carlos learned how to utilize his shadow to forecast whether or not there would be a springtime or if there would be another six weeks of winter.

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State Rep. John Gillespie of Memphis suggested appointing the masked animal the official Tennessee State Prognosticator before Gov. Bill Lee’s State of the State speech on January 31 in Nashville, which drew a rousing round of applause in the Tennessee House of Representatives chamber.

Carlos touched the hearts of professional politicians, although the House of Representatives was not formally in session on that particular day.

Joyner would subsequently get the official prognostication from Carlos, which read as follows: “My name is Carlos of Collierville, and I am pleased to submit to thee my official prognostication for February 2.

I may have the appearance of a thief, but I will never utter a lie. So don’t be concerned about that Punxsutawney Phil guy’s forecasting abilities.

Unfortunately, I must report that there are still six more weeks of winter ahead of us, despite seeing my shadow.

As a result, it is my official forecast for the state of Tennessee.” Government officials said on February 10 that the plan had been legally passed into law and that Governor Lee had sealed the deal on Wednesday, February 16.

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