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U.S. officials Pressured Goodyear To Recall 173,000 Tyres

goodyear tire recall 2022

goodyear tire recall 2022

Approximately 173,000 Goodyear G159 tyres made between 1996 and 2003 are being recalled because they may pose a safety hazard to recreational vehicles. Is there a danger? Goodyear warns that the tread may come loose from the tyre, causing the vehicle to lose control.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) inquiry, a lawsuit, and Goodyear’s initial refusal to recall the tyres were all part of a lengthy review process. This lawsuit led to NHTSA starting a preliminary inquiry in 2017, which looked into allegations of tyre issues causing fatal and injury-causing motorhome crashes. In the end, the US government concluded that these tyres have the potential to fail and that they have done so in 95 separate incidents since 1998.

It was reported in February of this year that the NHTSA had urged Goodyear to voluntarily recall the tyres, but Goodyear refused. Goodyear, on the other hand, has finally agreed to do a product recall. It stated that it is “to address concerns that some of these tyres may still be in the marketplace or use.” Despite this, Goodyear has concerns.

“There is no safety problem,” Goodyear insisted in an official statement on Tuesday, claiming that the recalled tyres are safe to drive on. The tyres, which were last manufactured in 2003, will be recalled “to address concerns demonstrated to emerge when the tyre is operated in an underinflated or overloaded state” on RVs, according to Goodyear.

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After that, Goodyear stated, “This tyre hasn’t been created since 2003, it regularly met Goodyear’s exacting safety criteria, and we have not received an injury claim connected to the tire’s use on a Class A motorhome in more than 14 years.”

According to NHTSA, these tyres should not be used and should be removed from vehicles if they are still there. Goodyear is offering a free Goodyear G670 tyre to anyone who brings in one of the recalled tyres as part of the recall’s implementation.

In addition to paying for the installation and balancing of the new tyre, Goodyear will also cover the cost of removing the old tyre. You’ll also receive a $60 coupon to cover the expense of having your recreational vehicle weighed by a professional.

Goodyear says you can get a new tyre for $500 if you don’t have one of the recalled models on your car. Because Goodyear does not yet have access to registration data for the recalled tyres, it will launch an educational effort to raise awareness about the need to return the tyres.

Goodyear’s websites, tyre repair centres, and tyre dealers will all have information about the recall. Trade associations and interest groups that represent recreational vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and owners will also be utilised to spread the message.

PSA: Tires, like many other things, lose their effectiveness after a certain amount of time. It’s a good idea to inspect and perhaps replace tyres that are six years or older. Tires that are more than ten years old should be replaced without hesitation, according to the majority opinion.

Using the Tire Date Code, you may determine the original manufacturing date of your tyres. After “DOT,” you’ll see a long series of digits on the sidewall. In this string, the last four numbers are the tyre date code. It’s important to note that in a tyre date code, the first two digits denote the week of manufacture, while the final two digits indicate the year of manufacture for the tyre in question.

The 1421 number indicates that your tyres were manufactured in the fourteenth week of 2021. If this code is missing from your tyre, it was manufactured before the year 2000. It also means that you need to change your tyres as soon as possible, as they are no longer safe to drive on.

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