Google AI Pioneer Resigns to Talk Freely on Technology’s Dangers

One of the first people to work on artificial intelligence said he left Google so he could talk openly about the dangers of the technology. He did this because he realized that computers could become smarter than people much sooner than he and other experts thought.

Geoffrey Hinton wrote on Twitter, “I left so that I could talk about the dangers of AI without considering how this impacts Google,”

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Worries About AI’s Ability

In an interview with the New York Times, Hinton said he was worried about AI’s ability to make believable fake images and texts, causing people to “no longer know what is true.”

He said, “It’s hard to see how you could stop bad people from using it for bad things.”

The technology could put people out of work quickly and become a bigger threat as it learns new ways to act.

“A few people really thought that this stuff could become smarter than people,” he told the New York Times. “But most people thought it was very wrong. I thought it was a big mistake. I thought it was at least 30 to 50 years away, maybe even more. Clearly, I don’t think that anymore.”

In a tweet, Hinton said that Google had “acted very responsibly” and denied that he had left his job so that he could say bad things about it.

Reuters asked Google, which is part of Alphabet Inc., for a response, but Google did not respond right away. Jeff Dean, Google’s chief scientist, was quoted in the Times as saying, “We stay committed to a responsible approach to A.I. We’re always learning more about new risks and coming up with bold new ideas.”

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