Granger Smith Net Worth: Unleashing the Secrets of His Multi-Million Dollar Fortune!

Granger Kelly Smith (born September 4, 1979), better known by his stage name Earl Dibbles Jr., is a minister at a Baptist church in the United States. Eleven studio albums, one live album, and two extended plays are his discography.

In 2016, “Backroad Song” became his first No. 1 hit, and in 2017, “If the Boot Fits” joined it in the top 10.

Granger Smith Net Worth

American country music singer and songwriter Granger Smith has a net worth of $6 million. Granger Smith was born in September of 1979 in Dallas. Earl Dibbles Jr. is another name for him.

From 1998’s Waiting on Forever to 2005’s Memory Rd., 2006’s Livin’ Like a Lonestar, 2009’s Don’t Listen to the Radio, and 2011’s Poets & Prisoners, Smith has released a total of eight studio albums. It was 2013’s Dirt Road Driveway, which peaked at #11 on the US Indie chart and #15 on the US Country chart, that brought him widespread attention.

Remington, Granger Smith’s 2016 album, debuted at #1 on the US Indie Chart, #3 on the US Country Chart, and #12 on the Billboard 200.

Granger Smith Net Worth

After its 2017 release, his album When the Good Guys Win quickly rose to the number two spot on the US Country chart and the number four spot on the US Indie chart.  Their “Backroad Song,” “If the Boot Fits,” and “Happens Like That” singles are all huge hits for him.

How Much Does Granger Smith Earn?

More than 58,14,000 views are being generated daily on the Granger Smith channel. Monetized channels get paid for every 1000 views by displaying a video ad. The typical revenue per thousand views for a YouTube channel is $3-7.

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Based on these assumptions, Granger Smith likely earns $104,650,000 each year, or $6,987,000 every month. Nonetheless, it’s possible that yearly earnings of $104.65k are understated. Ad revenue has the potential to produce up to $188,370.00 a year for Granger Smith.

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