Grantchester Season 8: Renewed and Cancelled?

Season 7 of Grantchester ended on Good Friday, which is fitting for a show about a vicar, and there was a huge twist: Reverend Will Davenport, who had been set as a bachelor, got married (Tom Brittney).

Will, the crime-solving vicar who rides a motorcycle, married Bonnie (Charlotte Ritchie), a widow and single mother who came to Grantchester to help her aunt Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth). By the end of the season, Will could call DI Geordie Keating (Robson Green) his uncle-in-law.

But now that Will finally got his happily-ever-after, will Grantchester come back for another season?

Robson Green recently said that ITV has “given the green light on negotiations” for a possible eighth season of the crime drama, but he couldn’t say for sure if the talks would be successful.

Green said, “We’re willing to talk, so they’re planning season 8.” “ITV would love to make a new show. It’s just making sure that everyone else, including Charlotte, Tom, and everyone else, is up for it.

“So it’s clear that people want another season of Grantchester. Whether or not it will happen is a different story, but negotiations have been given the “green light,” so to speak. I’d say it’s on yellow,” he said.

Read on for all the information you need about season 8 of Grantchester.

Will Grantchester Return For Season 8?

Season 7 of Grantchester seemed to end on a high note, with several plot lines wrapped up and Will and Geordie, the two main characters in the show, getting together.

But Robson Green has said that talks are happening about a season 8, though ITV has not yet confirmed that the show will continue. We’ll keep adding to this page.

What Happened At the End of Grantchester Season 7?

At the end of the season, both DI Geordie Keating and Reverend Will Davenport won back the people they loved. Geordie reunited with his estranged wife Cathy, and Will rushed to the train station to meet Bonnie before she and her son left on a train home.

Will told Bonnie he loved her and wanted her to stay in Grantchester. Bonnie kissed him back, and the episode cut to their wedding, where Geordie was, of course, the Best Man.

“Car’s outside. The engine’s still running, “Will told him that he wouldn’t be going anywhere. “I didn’t think so,” Geordie said, smiling.

Will and Geordie were on the green in front of Grantchester’s church after the wedding reception. Geordie joked, “Next, it’ll be the kids,” and then the two of them put their arms around each other.

Who Would Appear in The Grantchester Season 8 Cast?

Grantchester Season 8 Cast

We anticipate that the majority of the key cast from Grantchester will return to their respective roles, and that includes Tom Brittney and Robson Green, who play the primary characters who work together to solve crimes.

We are also keeping our fingers crossed that Charlotte Ritchie, the star of Ghosts and a new cast member during the previous season, will return to the role of Bonnie Davenport, Will’s new wife.

If you are interested in learning more about the locations that are used to film Grantchester, you can find that information here in our location guide.

Grantchester Season 8: Expected Plot

Season 7 ended on a cliffhanger, so it’s reasonable to assume that things will be resolved in a similar manner.

Additionally, a fascinating look at Geordie and Reverend’s love stories has emerged. Next, the show will be expected to focus on the characters’ future.

You’ve got this! Here’s everything you need to know about Grantchester’s 8th season.

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