California’s Great America Theme Park to Close in 10 Years

An end date has been set for California’s Great America in Santa Clara.

Monday Cedar Fair revealed that it has sold the park’s land, which will eventually lead to its closure.

The site was sold to Prologis, a San Francisco-based firm, for roughly $310 million.

As part of their announcement, they announced they had secured an agreement with the buyer to keep operating the park for “up to 11 years” after their current lease expires.

In a statement, they stated that the park should remain unchanged for visitors for the time being.

Incredulous parkgoers expressed their disbelief on Monday. According to a number of park personnel, they also knew about the auction on Monday.

The closure of the park is “not really good,” according to Hayward resident Jaime Gonzalez because there are youngsters in the area that enjoy this type of stuff. “Unless you open another park better or bigger somewhere else,” added Gonzalez. His children went rollercoaster-riding at the amusement park on Monday with their father. When school is out for the summer, Great America is a favorite destination for him and his family.

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A visitor from Santa Rosa, Anthony Carranza, commented, “I think that’s tough.” “I’ve been visiting this park with my family since I was seven years old, so I have many fond memories here.” For the first time in a long time, this is a trip with just my pals, so there’s a lot of nostalgia in the air.

The city of Santa Clara sold the land to Cedar Fair in 2019. To put it another way: for the previous forty years, Cedar Fair claimed to have been leasing this land from the City of San Jose. “One of the most popular California entertainment locations” will continue to operate thanks to this new contract, a Cedar Fair representative said in an email.

“We picked Prologis as our partner because of their extensive ties to the Bay Area and their record for working closely with local communities on significant initiatives,” Cedar Fair CEO and President Richard Zimmerman said in an announcement.

A high-value asset in Silicon Valley can be monetized at a very attractive multiple through the sale and lease arrangements, Zimmerman said.

When NBC Bay Area contacted Prologis about the future of the land when the park shuts, a spokesman stated the company has no specific plans for its usage.

For now, though, we’re looking forward to working with the local government to develop a long-term strategy, which we’ll undertake in conjunction with the city and local community, according to an email from a Prologis official.

They’ll be able to figure it out for a long time, and so will park visitors.

Santa Clara claimed to just have learned of the sale just minutes ago.

There are no immediate signs that California’s Great America will change, according to Santa Clara Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor. To keep California’s Great America in the United States for the long run is my desire and goal.

Since 1976, Santa Clara has been home to California’s Great America.

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