Green Line Shutdown After Electrical Line Collapses on Train

MBTA authorities said an overhead wire fell from the roof and onto a train on Sunday afternoon, creating sparks and a series of loud booms, prompting the evacuation of Park Street station and the shutdown of a portion of the Green Line.

On the platform, witnesses reported hearing tremendous explosions and seeing smoke billow up from the underground station.

On the platform, Ian Mallory heard a loud noise and looked upward afterward. “Sparks start shooting out of the roof of the train like electricity cables are exploding or something.”

Mallory expressed concern about inhaling the smoky air. So he began to leave, and as he did so, he heard the explosions behind him “just over and over again,” he claimed.

At the time of the event, a WBUR reporter was present on the platform. At least seven thunderous explosions echoed across the station as yellow sparks shot down from the train’s roof onto the platform.

Several travelers have said that they at first mistook the blasts for gunfire.

Olga Garcia Swan, a Dallasite currently on the Red Line at Park Street, was in Boston on a sightseeing trip.

She explained how everyone on the train crouched, dropped to the floor, and she was dragged out before the train reached the station and they climbed the stairs.

Alex Ciesielski, a local Cambridge resident, was also on the halted Red Line train.

On public transportation, “you just don’t know,” he said. Too many tales exist.

Throughout the rest of the day and into the evening, shuttle buses took over for regular service between Kenmore and Government Center. According to an MBTA spokesman, nobody got hurt.

This was not the first time that the Green Line’s safety had been compromised.

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