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Gulfport Cops Shot And Killed A Kid. Family Seeks Justice

Gulfport Cops Shot And Killed A Kid. Family Seeks Justice

Gulfport Cops Shot And Killed A Kid. Family Seeks Justice

Last week, Gulfport police responded to a complaint of several persons in a vehicle, all juveniles, brandishing firearms at cars, and during their pursuit of those responsible, one of the teens was shot in the head and later died from his injuries.

Jaheim McMillan, 15, was taken off life support on Saturday, and his death was verified by Harrison County Coroner Brian Switzer. He added an autopsy will be conducted on Tuesday.

Gulfport Cops Shot And Killed A Kid. Family Seeks Justice

McMillan’s mother, Katrina Mateen, and other family, who are all publicly questioning why police shot and murdered Jaheim, are left behind. Jaheim was a student at Gulfport High School.


The shooting, according to a news statement issued by the Gulfport Police Department, took place on Thursday afternoon after officers responded to a 911 call about numerous juveniles pointing firearms at passing cars on Pass Road and 8th Avenue.

Teenagers were stopped by Gulfport police in the Family Dollar parking lot, and an officer exchanged gunfire with a suspect later identified as McMillan.

Jaheim’s loved ones have demanded answers for his untimely demise, insisting that he was unarmed.

Additionally, advocates are pressing for the rapid dissemination of camera video of the incident.

Before 5 p.m. on Saturday, Jaheim was moved from Memorial Hospital in Gulfport to a hospital in Mobile, where he later died.

After gunfire rang out, a spectator filmed Jaheim lying on the ground in front of the store’s entrance. A witness said that police officers had placed handcuffs on the teenager after shooting him.

Chief Adam Cooper of the Gulfport Police Department said that many weapons had been seized from the site and that four more suspects, all thought to be juveniles, had been taken into custody.

A candlelight vigil was held for Jaheim at a local Family Dollar shop immediately after the incident.

A GoFundMe page has been set up after the incident to provide financial support for Jaheim’s mother.

Jaheim McMillan’s family has lost a loved one before, also due to police encounters.

In March of 2018, Jaheim’s uncle, Marvin Ray McMillan, barricaded himself in a residence and fired at police officers; Gulfport police responded and killed him.

In January of 2018, Gulfport police were attempting to arrest 41-year-old Marvin McMillan on aggravated assault charges after McMillan reportedly shot someone during a fight.

A grand jury in Harrison County ultimately found no criminal misconduct on the part of Gulfport police in the shooting death of Marvin McMillan.

Meanwhile, the shooting of Jaheim McMillan is being investigated separately by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

Recent legislative action has mandated that the MBI examine all police shootings in the state, with the attorney general’s office responsible for any charges.

Before that time, local district attorneys in the areas where police shootings occurred investigated and reported their findings to grand juries, who then decided whether or not criminal charges should be brought.


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