Gunman Shoots Himself During Standoff Near Mobile Government Plaza

At about 3 o’clock Monday afternoon, the hours-long armed standoff in downtown Mobile came to a conclusion. Outside of Mobile Government Plaza, the guy who police claim threatened to kill himself and fired bullets at policemen was lifted onto a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance.

Chief of Police for the MPD, Paul Prine, stated the individual had shot himself. University Hospital was where the ambulance took him. No one knew what his situation was like.

Gunman Shoots Himself During Standoff Near Mobile Government Plaza
Gunman Shoots Himself During Standoff Near Mobile Government Plaza

The suspect vehicle was jammed against the pole after being slammed by an armored police vehicle. As the driver attempted to flee the area, police opened fire with tear gas canisters.

In a matter of seconds, the guy was extracted from the vehicle, and on the sidewalk nearby, CPR was started.

A total of five hours had passed since the standoff had begun, but in the hours leading up to 3 p.m., gunfire could be heard coming from the area. According to FOX10 News, the individual inside the automobile fired two rounds at police. This information was provided by James Barber, chief of staff for the mayor’s office. It was “provocation shots,” as Barber put it. Officers did not return fire.

Eventually, the armed guy got out of the vehicle and stepped onto the sidewalk, still holding the pistol to his own head. In a little while, he was back inside the car.

Placed on the other side of Government Street from the massive government landmark building.

Around 10 a.m., police got a call that someone inside a silver Honda automobile parked in front of the Plaza had been shot. According to Mobile Police Cpl. Katrina Frazier, when paramedics arrived, the guy inside the vehicle placed a pistol to his head and threatened to kill himself.

According to Frazier, the MPD’s SWAT teams and negotiators reacted to the situation.

Earlier in the day, police had declared the situation was “controlled,” but they nevertheless urged people to avoid the area.

At one point, it seemed like authorities were making an effort to connect with the individual inside the car over a loudspeaker. They eventually brought him a phone.

Approximately 12:30 p.m., Barber reported to FOX10 News that mental health doctors in an armored truck nearby had been able to communicate with the armed individual. The individual, according to his account, had been “mainly difficult” all morning.

According to Barber, the first responding police saw blood on the guy inside the vehicle and retreated when he displayed a pistol.

At 12:45 p.m., Prine reported that officials had located the automobile and had recognized the wounded guy inside.

When asked, Prine maintained the armed guy had only threatened to hurt himself and no one else. Chief stated officers “may wait him out.”

Time, he argued, was on their side.

Tensions rose after the guy had been holding cops at bay for more than five hours and had fired rounds at them.

Police kept people away from Government Plaza as the situation escalated. Both Bankhead Tunnel and Government Street were closed.

In this case, mobile fire rescue services were sent. The FBI was also present.

The Government Plaza entrances closest to the incident were closed and secured. The building serves as a location for municipal and county courts as well as city and county administration. Inside the building, operations were hampered because of the incident.


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