Gunman Tahir Khan Who Shot Dead Grandfather In Botched Robbery And Fled Uk Jailed For Life

A man who attempted to loot a grandfather’s warehouse and shot him dead before running away to Pakistan has been sentenced to life in prison for murder.

In 2016, Akhtar Javeed, 56, ran a fast food distribution warehouse in Birmingham that Tahir Zarif, 31, of Derby, and three other men stormed.

A court was informed that Mr. Javeed’s attempt to flee the raid “went horribly wrong,” which prompted Zarif to shoot him dead in cold blood.

While Zarif carried Mr. Javeed toward a safe where the company’s takings were held, the gang had bound employees with cable ties and threatened them in the office area.

Zarif gave the businessman a severe warning to unlock the safe by firing two rounds into the air and one into his leg.

Then Mr. Javeed was shot once more in the throat and chest as he stumbled toward the exit with his hands-free.

Despite his injuries, he stumbled out of the building and across a parking lot before falling to the ground on the street.

Five days after the murder, Zarif left the UK. However, he was found by investigators and jailed in Mirpur in 2018. He was then extradited from Pakistan in 2020.

Video of the moment he was detained by British police on a flight from Pakistan to London after being turned over by local authorities shows him grinning at the camera.

An unsettling video showing the murderer firing a machine gun in the Pakistani countryside a year before the killing was made public. He can be heard smiling and exclaiming, “F**king hell, that’s buzzing it is.”

Zarif asserted that he inadvertently shot Mr. Javeed during a struggle, and his defense team cited a variety of mental health difficulties.

However, the court was informed that when he fired the fatal bullets, he had demonstrated a “clear readiness to use the gun” and had an “intention to murder.”

He was found guilty of murder at Coventry Crown Court and was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison.

It has been six years and nine months since Tahir Zarif took my father’s life, said Mr. Javeed’s daughter, who asked to remain anonymous in speaking on behalf of the family.

Since then, we have thought about my father every day. My father was an honorable guy, as I’ve remarked previously.

“My father was killed illegally because of another man’s greed. We appreciate West Midlands Police’s dedication to seeing that justice is done.

The older husband allegedly “kills himself and his sick wife” at Death Valley National Park.

Despite attending lessons as a high school student, a 29-year-old woman was detained.

Rapper “killed in ambush yards from his London home.”

The court previously heard testimony about how one of the robbers was a dissatisfied worker at the warehouse who made a map of their route.

In 2016, Lamar Wali, 23, and Sander van Aalten, 54, were each sentenced to seven years in prison for conspiring to commit robbery, while Suraj Misty, 26, received a 23-year sentence for manslaughter.

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