Guns And Violence Are A Regular Occurrence For East Garfield Park Residents

Drivers have been observed slamming their vehicles into reverse along the one-way street after being waved away at gunpoint, and on Monday night, 14 people, including three children, were shot in a block of three-flats.

The 2700 block of West Flournoy Roadway in East Garfield Park has a reputation for being unsafe because of “a gang of young lads on the east end of the block stand in the street and take weapons out and won’t let you pass,” as one local put it.

Guns And Violence Are A Regular Occurrence For East Garfield Park Residents
Guns And Violence Are A Regular Occurrence For East Garfield Park Residents

We have a major roadblock. The individual remarked, “It’s really horrific,” and begged not to be named. This guy went on to say that gunfire occurs often. The cops are shouted at and spat on when they arrive.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown stated during a press conference that the shooting happened about 9 p.m. while many were celebrating Halloween and others were gathering for a vigil and balloon release.

Brown, speaking outside Stroger Hospital, where many of the injured were transferred, remarked, “It’s over by three seconds.” After driving past and firing shots into the throng at random, the automobile is now leaving.

According to Brown, the three young victims, aged 3, 11, and 13, are in critical condition at local hospitals. Police said the ages of the other victims varied from 31 to 56, and that two of them were in severe condition.

Police say a lady was killed when she was hit by a vehicle as she ran from the gunfire. She had a few scratches and bruises, but was otherwise rather healthy.

On Tuesday, police stated they had not made any arrests and that the investigation had not revealed any possible motives.

This incident occurred two blocks south of the Eisenhower Expressway. Three-flat buildings, some of which are very recent construction, line the one-way street of brick and stone. On the same street as a decrepit basketball court is a chapel.

According to statistics compiled by the Sun-Times, the block is located in one of the city’s 55 most violent police beats, which has resulted in the allocation of more resources by the police force.

Four more shootings have taken place on that street since April, leaving two people dead and two others injured, according to municipal records.

Representative for the region, Alderman Jason Ervin, said of Monday night’s shooting: “It’s absolutely mind-boggling.” The area has had a long history of problems with gun violence.

He said that everyone was there to celebrate the life of a lady who had just passed away due to an illness. Ervin has no reason to believe that any of the people there were members of a criminal group.

A large percentage of these folks are linked to each other, he added. They were just mourning family members honoring the deceased. The deceased was a female.

As the alderman put it, “that’s simply a horrible behavior.” That must be addressed, “not just as a community leader, but merely as a guy and as a Black man.”

Ervin said he wants religious leaders to meet there at 6 o’clock on Wednesday.

In addition to his duties as chairman of the Black Caucus on the City Council, Ervin has announced that he would be holding a gathering of “Black leadership” on Saturday at Manley Career Academy High School, located at 2935 W. Polk. He expressed his expectation that the group will come up with a “single coherent plan of action for our community” during the meeting.

Ervin’s voice rose in fury as he continued, “If these sorts of acts aren’t a wake-up call to Black people in Chicago, I don’t know what else is.” Three kids have been shot. There were a few females. We were simply grieving a loss and celebrating a life, nothing unlawful.

It’s a lot more dire [than we expected] if folks can’t accomplish it. The alderman said, “We need to summon all our resources and use this enthusiasm toward productive ends.” It’s imperative that we hold this meeting and talk about this. Having this talk may not be the most pleasant experience. However, this is a sacrifice that must be made.


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