Trump Interview Gives Hannity’s Show a Pleasant Surprise, and He Can Thank 45 for That

The opinions of former President Donald Trump are of great interest to many Fox News viewers. The network’s 9 p.m. edition of “Hannity” saw its biggest ratings ever after host Sean Hannity interviewed the Republican heavyweight and 2024 presidential candidate slot of time on Monday.

The Hill claimed on Wednesday, using Nielsen Media Research statistics, that Hannity’s ratings increased by 20% after his interview with Trump. About three million people watched the show, with an impressive 358 thousand falling within the desirable 25-54-year-old bracket.

During the interview, Trump slammed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, widely seen as his most formidable Republican rival for the party’s nominee for president. He said that during the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, DeSantis approached him with “tears in his eyes” to plead for his support.

Hannity's Show Hit With Nice Surprise
Hannity’s Show Hit With Nice Surprise

In the interview, the former president was extremely critical of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. New York’s district attorney has convened a grand jury to look into Trump’s possible violations of campaign finance laws, and on March 18, Trump stated on his Truth Social platform that he will be jailed on March 21.

Rally, Reclaim Our Country! Trump continued. There has never been a former president indicted or convicted of a felony in the United States before Trump. Trump called Bragg’s investigation “old history” and suggested it was meant to derail his presidential campaign in an interview with Hannity.

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“Even people that don’t like me are saying this is a terrible thing to do for our country,” he said. Hannity has interviewed the ex-president multiple times and is one of the only prominent national media individuals to have a close relationship with him.

Fox News has emerged as the undisputed leader in cable news ratings in the wake of Trump’s presidency, leaving its liberal opponents in the dust.

Fox News dominated March’s top ten cable news rankings with nine of the top ten shows, including “Tucker Carlson Tonight” which dethroned “The Five” from its position as cable news’ most-watched program after nearly a year. This piece was originally published in The Western Journal.

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