Are Harry And Beaux Still Together: Did They Win The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3?

Are Harry And Beaux Still Together: Since the third season of Too Hot to Handle was just released in January, of course, all of us have already binge-watched it by this point and are completely invested in the relationship between Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond.

When Harry and Beaux first met at the retreat, they quickly became a fan-favorite couple, similar to Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone; however, it is unknown whether or not they are still together.

Let’s get the full story on what happened between Beaux and Harry after the episode “Too Hot to Handle”…


Are Harry And Beaux Still Together

After returning from the vacation retreat and getting back into their regular routines, Harry and Beaux decided to end their relationship and are no longer together.

A week after the conclusion of the show, they shared on Instagram a video called Too Hot to Handle in which they announced the breakup of their relationship.

Harry elaborated as follows: “Even though we aren’t currently in a relationship, we talk pretty much every day. Who can predict what might take place? It is very clear that we have not encountered one another as of yet… We had a lot of trouble adjusting to the time difference, and when we got back to the United Kingdom, we went into complete lockdown.”

Beaux nodded in agreement as he continued by saying, “Never say never.”

Are Harry And Beaux Still Together

After only a few episodes into the third season, Harry and Beaux began to build a romantic connection, and during their stay in the retreat, their relationship unquestionably flourished and grew stronger.

Those who have seen the entire series will know that Harry and Beaux end up winning the competition and splitting the remaining $90,000 cash prize between the two of them. This is because they were the only couple to make it to the final round.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, the two remain in close contact with one another. Beaux told us, “I mean, it was strange because when he first walked in I didn’t really fancy him so it was crazy that every day you’re building up that connection and from then on we just got closer, and closer.”

“We’re still in touch a lot, he’s fantastic, and he’s literally like the male version of myself,” she said. “We’re still in touch with one other.”

While this was going on, Harry revealed to us that he and Beaux had grown closer to one another while they were at the retreat, telling us, “Obviously you’ve always got in the back of your mind people coming in what may happen, so we kinda got close but obviously we were a bit anxious so, but I think that proved whether we would stick it out or not.”

“Clearly, that demonstrates whether or not you can go through things, and it also brings you closer together, so I believe that was a significant time for us.”

Did They Win The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3

Who took home the trophy for the third season of Too Hot to Handle? The third season of Too Hot to Handle was won by Harry Johnson, a tree surgeon from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, and Beaux Raymond, a legal secretary from Kent, United Kingdom.

Together, they took home the grand prize of $90,000 and won the competition. Harry is 29 years old, and Beaux is 24 years old.

Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, a model who is 24 years old and hails from Cape Town, South Africa, finished in second place, while Georgia Hassarati, a student midwife who is 26 years old and hails from Brisbane, Australia, took third place.

Harry and Beaux were the first couples to win the Too Hot to Handle competition, as well as the first couple to compete in the finals of the competition.

Due to the fact that Harry and Beaux’s friendship was beneficial to both of their personal development throughout the retreat, Lana chose them as her nominees for the third season of Too Hot to Handle. “I’ve never before had the opportunity to put forward a couple for consideration.

“I have done this because I believe that your connection has contributed to both of your growth as unique individuals,” she explained.

The prize for Harry and Beaux, which originally stood at $200,000 but was reduced to $90,000 after the cast broke the no-sexual-contact rule at the retreat, was won by Harry and Beaux after they received the majority of the votes cast by their fellow cast members.

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