Henry County Woman Arrested for Sharing Intimate Image

A woman from Henry County was arrested because she is said to have shared an “intimate image” of a woman she knows.

Ashley Marie Thompson, who is 26 and from Spiceland, is charged in Henry Circuit Court 3 with a Class A misdemeanor that could land her in jail for up to a year.

Thompson is accused of putting naked pictures and a video of another Henry County woman online. The other woman is said to be the girlfriend of Thompson’s boyfriend’s best friend.

The images were put on Facebook on March 12 “without (the victim’s) permission,” according to the New Castle cops who looked into the case.

A friend of the victim also told police that Thompson had talked to her about the pictures on Facebook. This lady may have also gotten one or more of the pictures from Thompson through Snapchat.

On March 16, a police officer talked to Thompson and said, “It was clear Ashley was in a lot of emotional pain because of what happened before the allegations.”

The Spiceland woman also told the officer that she felt bad for moving so quickly because she was hurt.

The misdemeanor charge against Thompson was filed on Monday. It said that the “person depicted in the intimate image did not consent to (its) distribution.”

Thompson was probably let out of the Henry County jail after he paid his bond.

The first court meeting is set for May 16.

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