A 12-year-old Art Student’s Fiance Had a “Gut Feeling” She Was Alive… Her Murder is Now His Charge

The fiance of missing Ohio art student Katelyn Markham, who disappeared almost a decade ago, has been indicted on two counts of murder. On Wednesday, law enforcement officials in Butler County, Ohio, detained 34-year-old John Carter.

On Thursday morning, the indictment against him was unsealed, and it remained unclear whether or not he had hired legal representation. Markham is suspected to have vanished from her Fairfield, Connecticut, home in August 2011.

Markham was about to graduate from the Art Institute of Ohio–Cincinnati with a degree in graphic arts, and Carter has indicated they were going to relocate to Colorado later that year. Carter told ABC News in 2011 that he had a “gut feeling” that Markham was still alive after she had been reported missing.

“I have to believe she’s alive,” he told ABC News. “I have to believe that I’m going to have her in my arms soon.”

Markham’s bones were discovered in a rural area in Cedar Grove, Indiana, roughly 20 miles west of her Fairfield home in 2013. Her murder has been officially considered a suicide by the police.

Her fiance got a gut sense when an art student disappeared 12 years ago (1)
Her fiance got a gut sense when an art student disappeared 12 years ago (1)

Jonathan Palmerton was arrested on a felony perjury charge in February in connection with Markham’s death. The authorities have stated that the case is still open, but have not explained the basis for the charges against him.

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Dave Markham told WHIO-TV, a CBS affiliate, that Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser had contacted him about his son’s detention. He added, “All I could do was cry, it was like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”

Markham’s dad told WHIO that he misses his daughter all the time.

“I often wonder what she’d be doing with her art and her career, and I think she would just be just an amazing woman,” he told the station.

“And it does make me a little angry that he lived for 12 years scot-free thinking he got away with it. And a lot of us have missed Katelyn tremendously every day for 12 years. And it’s not fair, and it’s not right. And hopefully, it’s going to be made right.”

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