Hertz Apologizes for Turning Away Puerto Rican Man Without Passport

Hertz has apologized to a Puerto Rican man for not giving him the rental car he had already paid for.

Humberto Marchand said he gave his Puerto Rican driver’s license to a Hertz employee at the international airport in New Orleans last week. The employee told him he needed to show his passport. Marchand said that the worker gave him the impression that he was from another country and couldn’t rent a car without showing his visa.

People from Puerto Rico are citizens of the U.S. Marchand didn’t have his U.S. card with him.

Marchand took a video of a boss telling him to leave. She asked him if he wanted her to call the police, but he didn’t answer. “Yes, please call the police,” he said.

Marchand, who was a federal police officer for 25 years before retiring, said that the Kenner cop who came to the scene also told him to leave.

Marchand chose to leave, and as he was walking away, Marchand says he heard the officer say that he would call “the border authorities” if he needed to. A spokesman for the Kenner Police Department said that the tape from the officer’s body camera shows that the comment is not made. But it’s not clear when the cop turned off the body camera after going to the scene of the crime.

The tweet below explains the story:

The Kenner police told Marchand that if he filed a report, they would look into it further. Marchand said he is going to do it.

At first, Hertz told Marchan that the worker was right and that he did need to show a passport. Hertz told CBS News that it “accepts Puerto Rican driver’s licenses from our customers renting in the U.S. without requiring a valid passport.”

“We’re very sorry that our policy wasn’t followed, and we’ve told Mr. Marchand we’re sorry and given him his money back,” the statement said. “We are reminding employees of our policies to make sure they understand them and follow them in all of our locations.”

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