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Hickory Police Fatally Shoot Suspect After Midnight Gunfire

Hickory Police Fatally Shoot Suspect After Midnight Gunfire

Hickory police say they had to shoot and kill a guy who had fired shots into a house and then been seen walking around with a gun. The crime occurred at midnight in a 5th Avenue Southwest area close to Highway 321.

Glenn Counts, a seasoned crime reporter for Channel 9, was able to visit the Hickory house where the suspect fired his gun. There was little visible damage to the front of the house, but Counts counted at least six bullet holes in the rear.

Ge Moua and his daughter Valerie are locals, and they were home when the disturbance started. A terrified Valerie Moua told Counts, “When I kept hearing it go over and over like more than 20 times, I was like it’s gunshots.”

Police said they received many reports and arrived to find 27-year-old Timothy Craig Setzer Jr. roaming the area armed with a handgun. He fled when police officers approached.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Police said that during the pursuit, Setzer reached into his waistband and pulled out a revolver, prompting them to open fire, killing him. Another homeowner, Martha Gomez, who has lived in the area for three years, said she was startled to see the police at her door so early in the morning and that this was the first time she had witnessed any trouble.

After knocking on Gomez’s door at 2 a.m., police officers asked him whether he had heard anything. Ge Moua shared with Counts that he, too, is shaken by the fact that this occurred so close to his house.

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It’s unsettling to see that, like I mentioned, because it’s usually peaceful around here. Ge Moua described the event as “very scary,” especially given its proximity to his home.

Neither the number of policemen involved nor their identities have been made public at this time. They have been put on administrative leave as is customary. The incident will be investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

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